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Your wings already exist. All you have to do is FLY!!!

I recently came across this website www.Urby.in which offers luxury lifestyle essentials at revolutionary prices. I checked out the site and came across many things I’d like to buy; BUT one thing that I did end up ordering was a passport holder. With the number of flights ppl have started taking abroad these days, passport holders have become kind of a necessity. Check out my review about the same ?

I received my leather passport holder in a black box, on opening it there was a bag inside, in there enclosed was my customised passport cover. A beautiful red coloured piece with my name embossed on it looking like a little book.


On opening I noticed lot of card holder slots inside for id proof, medical insurance and other important cards needed. There r 2 big slits one on each side to tuck in the passport. You can carry 2 passports simultaneously in one.



On the behind side there is one more slot for boarding pass.


I’m absolutely in love with it.


1. It is not like other passport holders where u have to constantly remove the cover at every checking point on the airport; since the passport is tucked in one side, it’s easy to check without removing.

2. This cover is firm and sturdy hence prevents wear and tear with use. Thus protecting your passport and keeping it intact.

3. With so many card holder slots and boarding pass slot it becomes so convenient to carry.

4. It’s sleek and stylish. Especially love my name embossed on it.


5. It’s affordable. Got mine for 1500 INR.

You can get yours here ? http://www.urby.in/passport-holders?ref=ws. Also to get a discount on the same, use the coupon code ? BEWITCH17 ; its 10% off on the cart value; valid for this year. Email the code to support@urby.in along with the products you would like to buy and the support team will take it from there.

Happy shopping. Happy travelling.

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  1. oldpoet56 says:

    This is excellent, great pictures and great commentary on the product. I have never had a passport but you explained things excellently, thank you. I am going to reblog this information for you, thank you for taking of your time to post it.

    1. bewitchingk says:

      Thank u so much ?. Your comment just made my day.

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