Dry shampoo- Wella Eimi Dry Me Review!!

As the technology keeps getting advanced there are new products that keep flooding the market. Not sure what to buy and what not. With our fast paced lifestyle all the make up and beauty products have started coming handy. Concealors, highlighter, liners, eye make up, hair spa products etc etc etc. The list is endless. Now dry shampoos have started becoming frequent in the shopping carts. Indian summers and pollution tend to get our hair oily in a day or 2 after the wash. With constant work, parties and socialisng; beautiful hair is a must. Dry shampoos have come as a saviour where now you don’t hv to go home wash your hair before going to a party, instead keep a bottle of dry shampoo and spray it before any socialising and you are good to go. I got tempted to try it myself and Wella being the most trusted brand, I picked one by them. Here’s my unbiased review about Wella EIMI dry me- dry shampoo?


I tried Wella Eimi dry shampoo for the first time a month back and have used it a couple of times since.

Market price- 900 Rs

How to use-

Shake the bottle. Spray it in your hair evenly, leave in and style it and brush through. Tapioca starch in the product instantly absorbs oil and helps create volume and manageable matte texture to achieve your desired look.

Check out the Pros and Cons of the product?


1. Very easy to use. Just shake, spray, leave in and brush.


2. Non messy. Does not leave a residue.

3. Smells great.

4. Instant results.

5. Gives visible volume to the hair.


6. Small light weight bottle easy to carry in your everyday bags for instant use.


1. Extremely flammable so advisable to be super cautious and stay away from smoking.

2. Personally I feel the hair feels too dry after using this, and makes it feel like grass instead of the softness of the Hair.

3. Can tangle your hair a lot after one sleep leading to hair breakage and damage.

4. Feels more like styling spray than a dry shampoo. In fact, after my first use I actually rechecked the bottle twice to make sure it was shampoo and not hair spray.

Advisable to use it only when really needed.  Long time constant use is not good due to the chemicals in it. Definitely a product that’s handy for instant hair solution, but I don’t think id particularly go for this one ever again.

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