About me

Hola amigos,
So here’s a bit intro of mine!
After I completed my Post Graduation from London in 2007, I Came back to India in search of a business venture as a start up of my own. Meanwhile I happened to join a UK based MNC. Within a year in I was promoted as Managing Director.
 After 8 years with this company, I stepped ahead to start my own venture. Once I established that , I finally had time to pursue something that I had on my mind since long and trending – was “Blogging”.
I followed my passion of blogging, a year and a half back from being a complete novice to a sought out blogger a year and a half later. Being a foodie by birth , I started with my passion for food tasting , by writing restaurant reviews and sharing homemade recipes. Off lately, while I kept travelling a lot due to work, I also started writing about my travel stories & my explicit experiences on the journey.
These blogs were a huge HIT due to the attention to details. Further I broadened my horizon by writing about my personal style and simple home beauty tips too. With a loyal readers & fan following, in a year & a half , today I write on 15 different platforms to reach out  to the masses. However, what I believe is, the best is yet to come.
Cuidate!! ?