MyGlamm Review and a Masterclass.

Shoutout to all the ladies out there; Myglamm has launched its new age make up range which is absolutely fab!! MyGlamm backed by one of Europe’s largest natural beauty companies, has collaborated with global experts and makeup artists to bring about exciting innovations in makeup to accomplish one single goal – make looking glamorous effortless!

Their range of make-up is not only beautiful cases and rich products, they are multitasking products which actually reduce your make-up time, give you a glam look AND to top it all; products which are actually good for the skin. Plus it is affordable. Now looking beautiful does not have to suffer even on your most hectic days.

Talking about the packaging-

Their range of products comes in beautiful sleek cases. These cases are designed so as they are easy to carry in your handbag everyday without occupying much space. Plus it looks very classy.

Talking about the product-

1. Conceptualized, formulated and developed in the labs of Italy and Germany, Myglamm products are created to simplify your make up routine.

2. Products are multifunctional which reduces the number of products you have to carry in your handbag and also cuts down the steps you need to follow while applying it.

3. 100% cruelty free products.

4. Myglamm make-up line is enriched with special minerals, vitamins and oils and has the best that both nature and science can offer. They contain ingredients like jojoba oil, Argan oil and tropical plant oil that nourish the skin while the make up is working wonders on your face.

5. It’s long lasting and smudge free.

6. Perfect tones for Indian skin.

7. Vegan products

8. Easy to use and gives beautiful lustrous finish.

We tried our hands at few products and got some pics clicked-

Got a chance to be a part of the masterclass with India’s Numero uno make-up artist Cory Walia on the launch at spa la vie L’occitane. With more than 25 years of experience in make up he is Myglamm’s bridal expert. Below are the snippets-

Step 1- he used the 5 in 1 product of Myglamm called total makeover FF cream- which works as primer, foundation, skin corrector, compact and concealor. Also works as sunscreen and moisturizes the skin all at once. It comes with neutralized yellow n orange pigments for indian skin tone. This product easily blends in the skin and gives a flawless look.

Step 2- Very translucent powder. Sheer light weight product and sets the make-up perfectly.

Step 3- product used was Chisel it- it’s 3 in 1 product containing Blush, highlighter and bronzer. Perfect for contouring.

Step 4- Eyebrow filler- for perfect shape.

Step 5- the product used was All Eye Need- again a 3 in 1- primer+eyeshadow+highlighter. Eye shadow and primer with vitamin E to keep your eyes moisturized and avoid early wrinkles and lines around them.

Step 6- Jet Set Eyeliner- Works as eye liner n kajal; 2 in 1.

Step 7- Moca loca-used for layering for soft glamour- takes away blurs and any lines on the eye lid. Works as an optical diffuser.

Step 8- Water proof kajal.

Step 9- Stay defined- eye brow powder+liquid liner combined in one.

Step 10- Lipstick- perfect curves, which is matte lip color crayons and come in 8 shades. The crayon is enriched qith argan oil and stays upto 8 hours.

Ps. There is also a product called Color fusion which has lipstick on one side and gloss on another side. You can use both lipstick and gloss on each other and get the 3rd color. Customise it to your occasion and mood.

Step 11- he finished the look with eye lashes. The look was subtle and perfect. Take a look-


Absolutely loved the products and couldn’t help but get a few. I got their very handy 5 in one- total makeover FF cream, make-up blender, gel nail paints and lip crayon for perfect curves.


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