The Skin Care Every Woman Needs Today

Skin care is like dieting. You have to invest time and effort in order to get long-lasting results. There is no instant miracle cure. You need to follow a basic regimen of cleansing, scrubbing, toning and moisturising on a regular basis. All these activities, except scrubbing, should be done daily to keep the skin protected from the damages of pollution, weather and multiple other factors.
Of the basic regimen, moisturizing is an integral part – it is the skin’s nutrition to keep it healthy and young. Finding a good moisturiser that addresses all your skin concerns can be tricky. During winters the skin gets dry and itchy so we moisturise it but across the rest of the year, because we sweat and feel sticky, we often forget to moisturise.
Vicco, a highly trusted brand with over 60 years in the beauty game, has made a mark all across the world for its Ayurvedic products. They’ve combined the ancient wisdom of using natural products with modern technology and have garnered world-wide recognition. They’ve recently come up with a perfect solution for the year round skin care with their latest product – Vicco Turmeric Skin Cream In Oil Base.


I have always preferred natural products so no surprises for guessing that I bought this vegan, cruelty free, chemical-free and absolutely incredible Ayurvedic cream as soon as I heard about it. I’ve been using this cream for a week now and honestly I’m in love with how it moisturizes my skin and of course, its fragrance. It doesn’t have any of the pungent smell of turmeric and trust me, you’re going to want to keep sniffing it every now and then. Also though it is an oil-based moisturiser, it is surprisingly very light on the skin and you can use it across the day without the fear of greasiness. The amazing bit, however, is that it doesn’t fail to leave my skin moisturised and soft throughout the day – surprisingly, it leaves no dry patches or uneven skin tones.


Also the cream comes with additional benefits – thanks to the wonder ingredient, turmeric. It has antiseptic properties and hence is perfect to keep a check on problems like infections, rashes, itchiness, etc. Not to forget, it is a great cure, too, for boils, wounds and burns. All in all it makes your skin beautiful, just the way you would like it.


I am in love with this cream. It’s a perfect skin care product for my whole body, for the whole year through. And along with all those benefits, it’s still cheaper than most other creams in the market. It’s definitely going to have a permanent place on my shelf and I believe you should get one too.


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