Recipe- a delicious meal for one.


Usually when I’m alone at home I prefer dicing and throwing all the available veggies at home into air fryer till they are properly roasted and eat with a dip. This time I wanted a proper yummy meal. Check out how-

For the carrots-

Take one big carrot, slice it thinly. Heat 1 tspn olive oil in a wok, add the carrots to it, add half a cup Apple juice, 1 tspn red tobasco, 1 tspn soy sauce, slight salt (there is salt in soy and tobasco) and pepper. Cover it and let it cook thru on slow flame. The Apple juice glazes the carrots. They taste sweet, spicy and so juicy. Let all the liquid evaporate completely. Remove it on the side.

For the onions and garlic-

Take 5 cloves of garlic and slice them thinly. Take one medium sized onion and chop into big chunks and then seperate each layer off. Now heat 1 tspn olive oil in a wok, add onion and garlic to it. Add little salt for taste and roast it till golden brown. Remove it on the side.

For cheesy corn-

Boil one cup fresh sweet corn kernels. Heat 1.5 tspn butter in a pan, add the corn to it. Add some oregano powder and some chilli flakes and 1 cube of cheese. Mix it thoroughly. Remove it on the side. I didnt add any salt to this since cheese and butter had its salt content.

For creamy potato and turnip-

Dice half a turnip and 1 big potato. Soak the diced veggies in water for 15 mints. Now take 1/2 tbspn butter in a pan, once heated add potato and turnip to it. Add some salt, oregano, pepper and cover it and let it cook partially. Once half cooked add one cup milk to it and let it cook completely. Once cooked add half a cube of grated cheese to it and mix lightly.

Now take all these 4 different elements on a plate or in a bowl and your homemade delicious nutritious salad bowl is ready to be consumed.

U can top it with some lemon and crushed peanuts if u like. I didn’t add anything more.


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