Caffeine is more than just coffee. Its a super food your skin and hair needs. Mcaffeine brings you just that and more. India’s first caffeine infused personal care brand is also paraben and SLS free.

I got introduced to this brand a couple of months back and since then this brand had taken over my shelf with its various products. The products are gentle, amazing and come with lot of great ingredients. Ive used their neem face wash, hop seed shampoo, hibiscus body lotion and neem gel. Im absolutely in love with these caffeine infused products.

Caffeine has been observed to have lot of benefits for the hair and skin, because of which cosmetic companies have started incorporating it in their products. Check out the benefits of caffeine-

For skin- caffeine reduces redness with its anti inflammatory property, its rich in anti oxidants, best sunscreen ever, has anti ageing properties which prevents skin damage, also helps in reducing puffiness and dark circles.

For hair- generates growth, stimulates and rejuvenates hair roots and prevents baldness.

Sounds great?? The packaging is simple but perfect too. The liquid products come in pump bottles. They are easy to use.

NEEM FACE WASH- Caffeine infused in the face wash tones the skin and Neem provides natural protection. Argan oil and Vitamin E give a healthy glow. Im totally addicted to this.


NEEM ALOE GEL – A unique Aloe Vera gel-based formula to help my skin glow naturally. Hydrates the skin while nourishing it with nutrients. Neem has great antimicrobial properties and is a boon for the skin. Add to it Vitamin C and Vitamin E, your skin will thank you with a glow while Caffeine tones it.

How to use- Take a generous amount of gel on fingertips and gently apply on the skin. It has a cool soothing effect. Love it ❤


HOP SEED SHAMPOO- MCaffeine SLS Free shampoo prevents hair loss occurring due to stress and air pollutants. Caffeine in the shampoo penetrates into the hair roots and follicles, and encourages hair growth, resulting in good hair volume and thickening. Vitamin-E gives a natural shine to the hair. Hop Seeds and Natural Hibiscus nourish the scalp and hair. A sulphate free shampoo with natural ingredients to fight itchy scalp and other hair problems caused by chemicals. Best results when used routinely. Suitable for normal to oily scalp.

This shampoo is really thick, little is enuf for a good wash. Also u might not like it so much in the first 2 washes when shifting from regular shampoos. After 2 washes ud fall in love with the product.


HIBISCUS BODY LOTION- Hibiscus Caffeine Lotion with Shea Butter is a must-have body lotion. It contains a signature blend of natural emollients, extracts, and nutrients to soothe and moisturize the skin. Plus it smells amazing and is really rich.

Have personally used these and can vouch for these. Absolutely love them. You can buy these products on amazon or from ?

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