Review- The Yellow Cup!


My first visit here and I love this place. It’s a cute little café newly opened at oshiwara amidst so many shops and yet making its presence felt with vibrant colors, dainty look and outstanding healthy food and smoothies.

It has a very small seating area with an open kitchen which allows you to watch your food being prepared right in front of your eyes. The seating though limited is comfortable and colorful.

The music that was playing gave me a feel of the shacks in Goa. A happy feeling indeed.

Coming down to the food, they have amazing smoothies, juices, sandwiches and salads. It’s a place focusing more on healthy eating which is tasty too.

1. Carrot smoothie- it’s a carrot muffin smoothie with some cinnamon. It feels Christmasy. Order this if I enjoy cinnamon flavor. I loved it.

2. Protein shake- Berry flavored. Was delicious.

3. Pizza- they have make your own pizza. I chose my fav toppings- feta, olives, jalapeño, sun dried tomatoes, capers n arugula on half pizza…other half we asked theme to add grilled chicken for my non vegetarian partner. The pizzas though small were thin crust, crispy and too yummy.


4. Spicy hummus roasted vegwich- this was delicious. It was served with a very fresh salad with a tasty dressing, which is a healthy option instead of fries. And there was a smoky mustard sauce which was perfect with the sandwich. Loved it.


5. Watermelon juice- refreshingly tasty.


6. Tacos- these were served on a bed of salad and were quite filling and super yum again


7. Make your own bowl- so I chose penne pasta, balsamic chilli sauce, fried onion, parmesan, roasted garlic, zuchinni, corn and broccoli. The pasta was al dente and looked dry. But take a bite and you’d fall in love with it. It was served on a bed of greens, it was healthy and lip smacking.


8. Red velvet cupcake- oh so delicious!


9. Flourless chocolate cake- this was deliciously good. Couldn’t stop at one bite.


10. Cappuccino- a perfect end to the meal.


This place is a must try. With the quality of food and the taste, you are bound to come back for more. The customer service is excellent and the place is reasonably priced for the quantity they serve.


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  1. Rajiv says:

    Well, welll…. Bombay Meri Jaan is progressing!

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