Review- JW Marriott Sahar, Mumbai!

Who wouldn’t like to review this place isn’t it?? I was delighted to be invited by Ms. Purnima Nanavati to review this property and how.

Since I’m a resident of Juhu, I’ve been pretty regular at JW Marriott juhu for brunch, dinner, swim and chilling too. At Sahar Marriott this was the second experience and one of the best one. As I arrived I was greeted by my host and taken to the beautiful platinum exec lounge of this place. It is a beautiful place with amazing view.

I helped myself to a glass of sparkling wine and took a seat


We got to chatting when I was introduced to Mr. Nongothung. He is one of the best when it comes to mixing of cocktails. He surprised me with 2 beautiful and delicious cocktails of the evening.

1. Looked like cosmo- was a mix of vodka, cranberry, rose water, lime and sprite.


2. Lichee delight- this one was 60ml gin, 10ml lime juice, 2-3 drops rose water, 60ml lichee juice, topped with 7 up and garnished with fresh pepper. I’ve never seen or had something like this. It’s sweet with a zing of fresh pepper in it. Loved it ????


They had a beautiful spread of food for ppl of platinum lounge to munch on while sipping on their drinks. I happened to take titbits to try. Check out the spread????

My hosts ended up calling for their fav ricotta spinach tortellini from Romano’s. They were tossed in butter sage sauce and were lip smacking.


After all this we decided to head downstairs to JW café for the buffet. On the way down I also happened to cover the video of the suite room for you all to check out. It’s sheer luxury ????

Heading to the jw café I couldn’t help but notice the beautiful Christmas decor at the entrance.


The buffet out here is outstanding. It’s better than  any other Marriott of Mumbai I would say. Check out the drooling pics below of all the counters ????

Absolutely beautiful isn’t it? This was my first buffet where everything was served on the table thanks to my host. We started with my all time fav sushis first presented most beautifully ????

By the time we finished half of it with the beautifully tender pink ginger and soy, we were presented with sev puri and dahi puri from their chaat counter and it was super yum.


We were in middle of this when we were honoured by the presence of the F&B director Mr. Surjan Singh Jolly who was well acquainted with my host for the evening. He gave us half hour of his precious time talking to us about the place and we bombarding him with questions and sipping the best of red wine with him in their outside bbq section while at it.

Once we went back inside I had the pleasure of tasting some amazingly awesome starters by chef Jeetendra Rautela. He presented us with a platter of Anar badam ke aloo, bharwan mushrooms and dahi ke kebabs. They were too good.


After all this, it was time for some main course. We had chef Rohit who presented us with his best palak paneer, lagan nu shaak, deliciously creamy dal makhani and paneer tikka masala. We also had a sabji made to order of karela. There were lachha parathas and gobi parathas as accompaniments. The whole spread was lip smacking. Karela specially was so good that I being a big hater cleaned off half a bowl, it was cheesy and absolutely tasty. I also took their special in house pickle made of raisins. Ive never heard of raisin pickle; this one was yum.

I also happened to call for pasta in red sauce as they are my fav and they were made to perfection.


After all this food we were stuffed to the core but you can’t ever say no to desserts here now, can u?? I just wanted to see all that I’d like to try and ended up filling a plateful of some of the best tasting desserts.


After so much of food we finally decided to give a pass to icecreams and go back to the platinum lounge for some rooibos orange and honey tea for cleansing the body.


We took our mugs and headed to the fire exit for some pics of the place ????

The pool view was so mesmerising that we took our tea mugs and went to sit by the pool side to sip on them taking in the beauty of the blue waters while sitting in the little huts made around the pool with beautiful seating ????

Thus ended the beautiful evening with a promise to come back for more soon. I wished adieu to my hosts as I left for home with the memories of a best evening.

Excellent hospitality, superb customer service, brilliant food, mesmerising view, class apart property just next to the international airport. If tired and don’t feel like going out of Mumbai, come and relax here. It’s a home away from home.

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  1. Rajiv says:

    When i used to work in Powai, I used to go there.

    Put your camera on sunset mode next time!

      1. Rajiv says:

        Yep. I do use a point and shoot as well, every now and then. So, I switch to something like the sunset mode, or use a small tripod.

        But, you need to check your camera settings

  2. Mihir Shah says:

    Super dooper review!

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