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Mumbai has 2 Spare Kitchens now one located at Juhu and the new one at Worli Atria mall. I went to review the Juhu one a few days back. Ive been regular at this place for sometime now. I love this property. Its located in the prime location, plus its spacious and beautiful. There is an indoor seating which is huge with beautiful bar being the first thing ud notice coz of the vibrant colours. There r 2 sections in the inside seating one which is regular, one which is majorly used for private parties. The place is wi-fi connected and this place also features sports channels so could be a good destination for match viewing. The outdoor seating again has shades of blue and nice seating with every table having its own screen for viewing which is very thoughtful. The lighting is apt for a beautiful evening here. Yes the place does need a new touch of paint but a lovely property.

We were warmly greeted by the manager Mr. Narendra and we took a table by the window for perfect lighting of the dishes. We were thinking of what to order, when we had the great celebrity chef and my idol Mr. Sanjeev Kapoor walk in for lunch and being seated just on the next table to ours. I got talking to him bout my blog and obviously got a pic clicked.


Talking bout the food…i had always loved what i ate here but this time i decided to go with everything that ive never eaten earlier. We started with drinks where the first thing recommended to us by Mr Narendra was a vodka gola, and 440 ka zatka. The vodka gola was super tasty with crushed ice gola having vodka poured over it, with kalakhatta for flavor, some lime juice and rock salt giving it the awesome taste and it was strong.


The 440 ka zatka actually gave us a zatka. It was a strong drink with rum and pineapple juice mixed together and presented like a beautiful light bulb with  a light kept below the container.


Next we decided to try a whiskey based drink and ended up calling for smoked whiskey sour. It was presented with an empty glass filled only with charcoal smoke and another container with the drink which was whiskey, egg white and pineapple juice blended together. I hate the smell of raw egg usually but this drink was so perfectly made that i didnt get the smell or the raw egg taste.


There was this one drink which i had tasted here a year back and its not in the menu anymore but with special request the bartender Mr Raj Ram Harikant recreated it for me. It is a beautifully hued drink with a mixture of Grenadine, orange juice, brandy and gin. love the taste just as much as the sight of it.


Now we moved on to food where the first thing i got tempted to try was their Signature dish known as TSK chowpatty platter. We were presented with a beautiful looking tray with pav bhaji, mini vada pav with buttered buns, pani puri shots and sukha bhel with 3 tubes one filled with tamarind sauce, one with mint chutney and the 3rd with spiced curd. It was literally street food presented so beautifully and so hygienic; i couldnt resist. About the taste; every bit of that plate was delicious.20161102_142033

Next i called for pita dabeli. It was the tastiest dabeli which wont let u miss the street food and was made in pita pockets and butter roasted. Loved it.


My partner being a non vegetarian called for their very famous prawn dish called gambas pil pil; which was butter,herb and garlic flavored, juicy and tender prawns accompanied with crisp chili garlic bread which was a perfect companion to the main dish. My partner described  this dish as orgasmic and a must have at this place.

Next we called for the Nizza. Yes you read it right its not pizza its nizza- naan based pizza. We were allowed to choose our own toppings, so we selected capers, sun dried tomatoes, olives and jalapenos. It was made like a wood fired pizza with a naan base which was thin and crispy and the naan base gave a different flavor. Loved it…its new, creative and great to eat. It was better than a pizza.


We were too full by now but their menu of naans and rotis caught my eye and they hv some amazing combinations. I couldn’t help but call for water chestnut and shiitake naan just to try. It was very tasty and buttery and little crispy and soft at the same time. Very unique combination.


Coming to the end we had to end on a sweet note. Mr Narendra suggested us to try their strawberry ras malai cheesecake and i was set on my fav creme brulee so we decided to call both. The chef special Creme brulee was presented with an almond biscotti and milkmaid drizzled on the side. When we broke the sugar and dug in it was creamily delicious. The almond biscotti rendered just a perfect touch to this plate and it was delectable.

Last i dug into the strawberry ras malai cheesecake and as said by Mr Narendra it was the tastiest dessert i tried. It was beautifully presented with strawberry cheesecake in the center with juicy soft base. Circled by rasmalai and pulpy strawberries, with a beautiful golden nest on top of the cheesecake which tasted like candy floss but was golden in colour. It was yummy, juicy, fluffy, creamy, not too sweet and just perfectly orgasmic.


This is where my tummy was bursting with all the food. I loved every morsel i had here. The only negative was that my soup was completely forgotten which was ordered at the start. But i dont blame them coz they catered to every demand of mine for videos and special dishes so can say was super happy. I also happened to meet the head chef and the owner Mr Rakesh Talwar in the end and happened to hv a short chat with him about my experience.


Yes the place is a bit expensive; but again good things come with a price tag. Absolutely loved it and coming back here again for sure!!

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    I must visit Bombay soon! Where is Mumbai?

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      Where is Mumbai??? Hahaha

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