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A lot of times it happens where u get chaat cravings and are not sure whether to go eat at roadside or not. Coz let’s face it, no matter how tasty once in a while v all get a feeling that it’s not hygienic and you are not sure what water they use and how dirty their hands are especially their nails!! Well making chaats at home is quite simple, hygienic and tastier. yes you wont get the special taste of sweat or bad water but would yet be delectable ????????

I hv an easier solution. what I do is make the dates and tamarind chutney in bulk and pudina or mint water in bulk and put it in frozen…it lasts for 3 months if u don’t live in a city which has lot of power cut.  If u have these 2 things ready in your freezer, u just need some chopped onions, ready puris and sev from outside and boiled and mashed potatoes to make your chaat anytime u want in 5 mints….even if u get surprise visitors at home let them b surprised at how quickly u served them tasty chaats.

For pani puri u need round puffed puris which u can buy from outside. for stuffing u need boiled potato, moong Sprouts and chana mixed and mashed together with some salt and chat masala and red chilli powder added to them for flavour. stuff the mixture inside your puris and fill little date and tamarind chutney and little mint water and ur pani puris are ready to devour.

For sev puri- u need flat puris and sev from outside, boiled and mashed potatoes and minutely chopped onion and coriander leaves, salt, pepper, chat masala, and lemon. place flat puris on a plate, layer with mashed potato, put red, green and sweet chutney on it, top it with onion, sev, salt, pepper, chat masala, lemon and coriander leaves and its ready to consume.

Red tomato chatni-2 red chillies, 2 tomatoes, 8 cloves garlic, 1 tsp jeera(cumin seeds), salt, sugar. Blend it all together into thick chutney. This is the red chutney used over sev puris.

Pudina chatni- 1 bunch pudina, 1 bunch kothmir, 8-9 cloves garlic, salt sugar lemon, 2 spicy green chillies n a small piece ginger. wash all the leaves n add to blender, add garlic, salt, sugar and green chillies and blend it all into thick chutney. Squeeze one lemon in it, mix it and it’s ready. this is the green chutney used in sev puris.

Same green chutney make it without garlic and add 3 glasses water to it and sieve it and it becomes pani puri ka pani. Add boondi to the water while u serve.

Date tamarind chatni (khajur imli chutney)-boil 500 gms khajur (dates) n 3 lemon size quantity of imli (tamarind) wit 1 cup jaggery in cooker. Then sieve n add salt, chat masala n 3 lemons once sieved. Used in both dishes and in all chaats for that matter.

Add some sweetened dahi (yoghurt) over sev puri and u hv your dahi puri ready too.

Enjoy the homemade chaats ????


Homemade sev puri!!

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  1. mahekg says:

    feel like having chats now

    1. missbhukkad says:

      ???? how bout making some?? N inviting me over ????????

      1. mahekg says:

        join in anytime…need to make chutney man..its a task..btw if u get time go to Star Bazar inside they have opened this chat corner. Pani Puri with 5 different kinds of water

        1. missbhukkad says:

          Wow….would love to try that sometime soon…thanks ????

          1. mahekg says:

            lemme know.. I liked the taste north style..just felt to eat more and price may be on a little higher side

          2. missbhukkad says:

            Cool…I’m looking forward to covering that stall on my blog then

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