Review-The Luxury Garden Market

This was an event by The petite project which took place on the 20th of November at corona garden Bandra west. It was powered by Colours Infinity, assoc. sponsor Reliance Digital, sponsored by Auto Hangar and Mod’art International and IndieOpus on board as digital partner. It was an exclusive platform provided for contemporary emerging and upcoming brands in India’s lifestyle industry. There were stalls of shoes, clothes, accessories, bags, perfumes, food and drinks. Was a small one day event beautifully put together showcasing a lot of talent in one place. Plus they had an open mic arena for people to showcase their talent and for a chilled out evening.

Looks beautiful with all those lights and decor innit?

I checked a few of these stalls and then headed for some wine tasting. York wines had their entire collection of wines and i got to try quite a few out of their list. Really loved the taste of these. Some of the best wine made in Nashik.


I enjoyed the open mic and people enjoying it around me while the wine tasting went on. It felt like a live sufi night.


I happened to network with a few ppl there and also checked out a few stores. I happened to meet Fatima @ Mati India. I really liked her ethnic collection and happened to pick up something for myself from there. More of this in the next blog.

Also tried a delicious mint coffee in the very next stall which was Bonhomia.


These guys were excited bunch of ppl trying to make new flavored coffee for tasting, and doing a great job at it.

Checked out few more shops and then headed for some cupcake tastings at the cupcake factory stall. Happened to try their nutella cupcake with nutella center and nutella buttercream topping, choco chip cookie cup filled with belgian chocolate mousse and nutella, nutella fudge brownie, boston cream vanilla cupcake with custard filling and chocolate ganache on top. These were mind blowing. All of them were excellent.

We happened to say our goodbyes to the place after enjoying the live music for a while. Also cant forget to mention the beautiful gift hamper by indieopus while leaving. 20161120_223202

Gonna try all of these really soon!! It was a happy end to a cheerful and lively evening!! Looking forward to the next by the petite project.

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  1. neha98blog says:

    The place looks so nice.Cupcakes makes my mouth watery.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      These were the best I had

        1. missbhukkad says:

          I’m r u darling

          1. neha98blog says:

            I am good,writing and watching your beautiful posts about food

          2. missbhukkad says:

            ???????????? how r studies coming along

          3. neha98blog says:

            It’s going well di,Thanks for asking.Good night di

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