Review- Yogurtbay and wafflebay


This tiny little brightly colored shop for frozen yogurts tucked away in Mathuradas mill compound serves heavenly froyos. Its beautiful and brightly painted on the inside with a very limited seating arrangement since mostly the customers they get are corporate crowd, who are always on the go.

We were greeted by Mr Shiraz, the store manager. On talking to him we found out that this place has over 20 delectable flavours of froyos but; they have only any 6 flavours available per day with a rotating menu every weekdays and weekends. So the day on which we went there were 6 flavours of froyos-1. strawberry, 2. salted caramel, 3. sugar free chocolate 4. blueberry, 5. french vanilla and 6. Oreo cheesecake.

1. We started with my ultra fav first-sugar free chocolate froyo and i got it topped with cheesecake bites, chocolate mousse and sugar crust crumb.This was heavenly. I would say its a must try at this place. Its sooo good that im still drooling over this one!!

2. Went on to their waffles on a stick where i tried nutella waffle which was topped with  nutella and caramel almonds- It was excellent.

3. Belgian waffle which was topped with nutella and oreo crumbs was a delight to bite into.


4. Moving back to yogurts I tried the french vanilla this time and chose to layer it with a bed of red velvet crumbs in the bottom and topped it with grapes, kiwi, and cookie sauce with some red velvet crumb on top too. The fruits were freshly chopped in front of us. Plus the cookie sauce was chocolate so gave a touch of fudge with vanilla and fruits. Also some red velvet crumb is always welcome. This one was rich, fruity, creamy and oh so good.


Looks mouth watering isnt it??

5. Oreo cheesecake flavor- with oreo crumbs in the base, topped with oreo froyo and further topped with choco mousse and cheesecake bites with some oreo crumbs. The toppings were similar to the first one we had, yet the taste was strikingly different but equally delicious.


Was very happy with everything i tried. The only suggestion would be that they need to increase the choice of toppings. They are very limited compared to their other branches. Also the parking is a big time problem in this place since its inside the compound. Having said that, the taste and quality is excellent. Also if you are not a frozen yogurt fan, you should try their sugar free chocolate and you wont know its a yogurt. It would cost around 300 for 2 people as the toppings are separately charged. Its deliciously good. Try it to know it!!!

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