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You enter through this door and this place smells of yummy goodness. I had been here before for desserts. Surprisingly i had no idea about this place having such a wide variety of savory meals. I went here for a review night a week back with a friend. For the first time I bothered to notice how big the place is inside with a simple yet nice seating and subtle colors.

We went through the menu and decided to start with drinks (obviously non alcoholic, this place doesn’t serve alcohol). Followed by appetizers, mains and desserts. Below is the list of all the delicious things we had here:-

1)Nespresso- It was hot coffee, flavored with salted caramel and milk foam icecream. It was a combination of hot and cold; n must i say delicious!!!

2)Apple pineapple and watermelon juice- me being a juice lover and this combo sounding awesome I called for it. This juice helps dispel excess salts, nourishes the bladder and kidneys (is what it said on their menu). Health benefits or no this freshly squeezed juice was refreshing and tasty.

3)Pink smoothie- most girls fav color. I went in with that. It was a lip smacking blend of apple, chia seeds, berries and honey.


4)Corn and cheese cigars- These are like all time favorite. These cheesylicious cigars were just as expected- yummy and were served with cocktail sauce enhancing the taste.

5)Multi-grain vada pav- Vada pav is a fav of every mumbaiite. Im no different, and this healthy take on vada pav was a first time for me so called for it. Guess what? This vada pav is stuffed with corn, quinoa, soya, spinach vada and is served with popcorn. The vada pav served with spicy mint coriander chutney was excellent. Didnt understand the reason of serving it with popcorns, it was unnecessary. Having said that the vada pav is definitely worth a try.


6)Pretzel sandwich- Next my eyes wandered on this dish on their menu. Its a sandwich made out of a pretzel stuffed with mixed cheddar and beetroot and served with mango chutney. Being a pretzel lover as well as cheddar lover and mango chutney I instantly ordered this. I must say I was disappointed with this one when it got served. Firstly, coz the stuffing of beetroot and cheddar was actually more of just beetroot and mayo. Couldnt taste cheddar or any kind of cheese for that matter. Plus not being a big fan of mayo i was happy this one had no mention of mayo in its description, but apparently even the mango chutney was just mayonnaise with a very slight tinge of mango if at all. This one though looked beautiful and might be loved by mayo lovers didnt meet my expectations. The fries were the good part of this dish for me.


7)Veg tagines- It was my first try at this dish and I loved it. It was veggies, chickpeas Moroccan style and served with steamed rice. It was more like home cooked comfort food. Simple yet full of flavours.

8)Beetroot black- Black burger had been on my wishlist and i tried it here for the first time. It was black burger with beetroot and goat cheese patty. It was served with spicy potato wedges, sweet and spicy dip and mayonnaise in an injection. I happened to find out from their staff that they dont use black color for this bun, the color comes from the char grilled veggies which are then mixed with the flour for the dough. The bun was as soft as pastry bread. It melts in your mouth. The burger was juicy and delicious. Though again i felt a lack of cheese like the pretzel sandwich. Yet the taste was very unique and i did enjoy this one.The only disappointing part being that after specifically informing the manager to make sure we dont get anything with mayonnaise this one again had it spread across the buns immediately after. Also i felt they couldve used more fresh veggies in this one to enhance the taste.

9)Sweet potato fries- I had just thot of going to one of the famous places in Bandra the same afternoon to try these sweet potato loaded fries but i couldnt. Then I see it on the menu here and i called for it. You can select your own toppings, so I chose mine to be olives, jalapenos, parmesan cheese, bbq sauce and fried onion. Absolutely loved it. Sweet potato fries might not be liked by all but I love them and I loved this one for sure with all my fav toppings. Though again, cheese was barely there.


By the time we finished the food tasting I saw my fav manager Mr Swapnil walk towards our table to greet us as his duty began.  I asked him for his suggestions for desserts and he said leave it to me Ill bring our best ones. I specifically requested for their chocolate mousse on stick, coz id wanted to try that for long and everytime I went there it used to be out of stock. He got me that on request 😀

10)Chocolate mousse bar- when you take a first look at this it feels like a hard candy, but the minute you take a bite you experience chocogasm. You cant stop saying ‘omg! omg! its too good’ while eating this one!! It melts in your mouth.

I regret having tried this first since they had only one left. Other desserts were superb too but this one swept me off my feet.

11)Chocolate orange entrement- was served with orange syrup on the side. This one was quite tasty with a layer of mousse in the centre. The pastry bread however felt a bit crusty instead of moist n soft.


12)Dark chocolate mousse with red cherry compote in the center. Loved it. The chocolate mousse was too good and so was the liquid centre.


13)Snickers pastry-Just as the name suggests, tasted like snickers. It had beautiful glaze on top and you get to taste the peanut butter. Only order if you are a snickers fan.


14)Raspberry princess- It was raspberry mousse with white chocolate and macadamia nuts. Loved it.


Our tasting came to an end with this. A delicious end to a sweet evening. I would recommend their mousses. Its the best out here.With the use of right cheeses in more quantity I think even the food would be delectable.


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  1. Jim says:

    nom nom nom! I’d gain 50 pounds hanging around you.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Hahaha….long time Jim ????

  2. piratepatty says:

    Just sitting here drooling over this….yum!

  3. Bernadine says:

    Oooo, the food looks delicious! I think my favorite is the chocolate bar pop????????

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