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This was my first visit to Spiceklub and it was a review night. This place is in the line of Quattro ristorante and The rolling pin at lower parel. I had heard a lot about this place but never tried it coz I used to feel North Indian dishes theyll give the same, cholle and paneer and regular paneer and aloo starters so wont be exciting. When i got invited for the review I went with no special expectations; but trust me when i say this, the food here totally blew me away. This place takes simple papdi chaat and pav vada also to next level.

The entrance like Quattro is easy to miss out but once you enter the place you get the vibe of a proper North Indian restaurant with soulful hindi music and decor. Its beautiful.

We got seated in the end corner and asked the manager Mr Kunal Otari for the menu. He told us ‘you wont need it, let me bring you the best dishes our restaurant serves’. We were happy to go ahead with it. We just chose our drinks and waited to be surprised. We had no idea what were we in for. Instead of top 5-6 dishes that we expected we were served with 20 of their best ones, majorly all in half quantity. Below is the list of all that we had here!!

Condiments- while we waited for our drinks the waiter put condiments on our table which have 4 jain and 4 non jain ones for ppl to devour with their meals. Jain ones were- chunda (sweet raw mango pickle), green chutney (coriander and mint), amritsari imli chutney and red cabbage, walnut and mayo salad. Non jain ones were – Radish, walnut and yoghurt salad, chili garlic yoghurt cutney, pancharanga pickle and black olives and pickled chillies paste. Apart from these 8 things they also give a jar of masala onions with it which goes really well with all the food here.

Drinks– we called for 2 of them of our choice.

1)Punch on the pier– which was a combination of orange and pineapple juice served with pieces of fresh fruits inside and topped with blue curacao foam . It was refreshing, tasty and perfect to start with.

2)Kokum Margarita with chilli caviar– its blended kokum crush with spices and flash frozen at -196* c, topped with chilli caviar. It looked more like a frozen slush beautifully served. It was spicy, frozen, sweet, creamy and very tasty.

Then started a trail of all the food dishes…Every other dish better than the previous one.

1)Pani puri– It was beautifully served and was just as tasty as ud expect a pani puri to be with the zing of spice and tang.


2)Bharwan aloo- These I can say were the best that I have ever had. The potato was stuffed with cheese and peppers and topped with chili caviar and garlic chili caviar. The potatoes were grilled and cooked to perfection and beautifully presented. In taste, this dish was spicy, creamy, cheesilicious, melt in the mouth soft and the caviar gave it a burst of flavors. Toooo tasty.


3)Pav bhaji Fondue-this is aerated mousse of the bhaji, topped with cheese and onions and served in a fondue way, accompanied by herbed crouton sized breads. It is rich, creamy and lip smacking.


4)Papdi chat– this one made me fall in love with it. It was street style papdi chaat topped with a bubble of yoghurt and coriander foam. Mr. Kunal told us to eat the whole thing in one bite and as soon as we did that there was a burst of flavours in the mouth. It was just wow!!

5)Vada Pav- This place has taken a simple thing like street vada pav to another level. There is no vada in this pav vada, instead; there is aerated preparation of potato vada (thats the yellow bowl in the pic), for the taste of besan there is boondi, 2 chutneys-tamarind and mint are served with mini pavs and tiny pouches of garlic chutney. The garlic chutney looks like those triangle packets below. I tried opening that packet to get the powder chutney out of it when i was asked to put the whole pouch in middle of my vada pav with the packing. I said how can u eat plastic? and they said its not plastic those packets are actually made of potato starch. Crazy isnt it??? Also, super delicious.


6)Chole Kulcha- normal expectation of this dish is chole in a bowl and butter kulcha. Here there were buns made out of kulcha dough which was then stuffed with aloo patty and chole, topped with coriander foam. You eat this like a mini burger. Spicy, buttery, super soft and super tasty.

7)Galouti kabab– Galouti kebabs are awadhi speciality, made of minced meet. Here they make veg galouti kebabs and they are so soft that they’ll melt in your mouth. This dish is their 2016 times award winner dish; and rightly so. They serve it like a sev puri where the kebab is delicately placed on shirmal bread and topped with pickled onions. Its a must try!!

8)Deconstructed Dhokla- this was yet another one of the crazy dish, where we were presented with a crushed khaman dhokla, spicy dhokla roll, warm coriander foam, mango spheres and dehydrated coconut chutney. It was too good and innovative. The combination of all different elements was  giving the dish a perfect flavour.


9)Dahi ke kebab– its tikkis made out of hung curd served with a bubble of black salt and yoghurt. This dish was the highlight of the night. It melts in your mouth and gives a foodgasm.


10)Vegetable beetroot spheres-cheese and beetroot stuffing topped with beetroot foam. This is the only dish of the night that didnt make me go wow. It was pretty ok.

11)Gluten free roti– our main course consisted of 2 different rotis and a paneer vege. Too delicious to describe. This roti was dry and crispy made of bajra topped with flax seeds. Dry but yet so tasty.


12)Sundried tomatoes and olive naan– Really tasty with all my favorite ingredient and lots of butter.


13)Paneer tikka masala– Paneer was melt in the mouth soft. It was paneer pieces grilled and the gravy poured over. Spicy, succulent and a must have.

14)Fresh lime soda sweet and salty made in freshly in front of me which was so refreshing.

15)Dum biryani-this was just like a normal dum biryani with veggies in the centre, cooked to perfection.


Now was the turn for desserts!! Each one better than before in presentation and taste. Loved them all.

1)Flower pot-it was a chocolate pot, stuffed with saffron mousse and rasmalai, covered up with mud chocolate, served on chocolate and pistachio soil and served with 2 spades, salted caramel spade and Belgium truffle spade. It was so beautiful that i was gleeful like a little girl looking at it!! Very tasty!!!


2)Old school lollies-This actually made me feel like a kid. It was a fresh kulfi lolly made in front of me on a box of liquid nitrogen which was frozen at -196 degrees. It had 2 flavors malai and bournvita. Both were super creamy and tasty. Enjoyed my lollies like a little girl.


3)Bubbling Kulfi– This was the star dessert. It was rock like kulfi bowl served with accompaniments like chocolate sauce, rabdi, rose caviar, salted caramel and blueberry compote. It was deliciously good.

4)Pan mousse– It was pan masala flavored mousse wrapped in a kolkatta pan, sprinkled with white chocolate on top and then flash frozen with liquid nitrogen on the table to freeze the mousse and make it into icecream. It was very innovative and quite tasty and refreshing dessert.

Last we were given these 2 super tasty Pan chocolates, which were chocolates filled with pan jelly for the ending. 20161110_230258

This was a happy ending. Honestly this place completely blew me off. Never knew so much could be done with such simple dishes and make them so tasty and so innovative. Loved every morsel had here. Loved the hospitality and the constant attending to every smallest of our needs. One of my best tastings so far i can say. This has become my fav place in Mumbai now for North Indian. A must try… I recommend it to everyone. The best part its not too expensive, the meal for 2 would cost around 1500rs. But trust me every penny would be worth it!! My special thanks to the chef for the amazing food, Mr Kunal for the hospitality and the staff for catering to our needs.

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    have been to this place… liked it

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      I went for the first time….n i loved it

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