Review- Quattro Ristorante

This restaurant is located in lower parel. If you have ever been here u’ll know that the entrance is so tiny that it can be missed for the first timers; but once you enter the restaurant u’ll be amazed to see its actually quite big and has beautiful interiors.

Mr Santosh Lasrado; the manager here, warmly greeted us. He gave us a perfect seat at a long table which had water flowing thru it with proper lighting for pictures-


Mr Santosh was constantly by our side throughout the tasting giving us the best suggestions of dishes to order especially from their new menu. We started with drinks, then salads, appetizers, mains and ended with desserts.While we waited for our drinks to come the manager ran us thru the italian and mexican dips they serve to all the customers.

Italian dips- 1) Tomato cruda-tomato+parmesan+parsley+olive oil. 2) Olive tapenade-olive+parsley+olive oil. 3) Alio olio-garlic+chilli flakes+parsley+olive oil. 4) Pesto-basil+parmesan+roasted pine nuts.

Mexican dips- 1)Fresh tomato 2) Harbenara- super spicy 3) Green tomato 4) Lichi and peach sweet salsa- the best one I’ve ever tasted.


Below is the list of all the beautiful and tasty dishes and drinks that we had here.

DRINKS– Since this place only serves beer and wines the options are kind of limited, but they have come up with a solution where they make various creative cocktails out of these 2 to give you more options. We called for Michelada-beer cocktail and wine mule.

Michelada is made by mixing beer, tobasco and orange flavored smoke. Its spicy, zingy and very tasty. I personally hate beers, but this one was mixed so perfectly that i loved it.

Wine mule was more like a mojito with mint and lemon, but instead of rum it was wine. The quantity of this drink was huge and I really liked my wine being served as mojito.

SALADS-We moved on to salads where again we tasted complete novelty. We called for 2 outstanding salads-

Liquid salad– Its a juice of kale, cucumber and iceberg lettuce topped with lime foam and parmesan cheese. I didnt know what to expect in a liquid salad and a juice of kale cucumber and lettuce didnt sound appetizing enuf…but once i tasted it, absolutely loved it. Its a beautiful green drink which is refreshing and very tasty.

Orange Apple Walnut Insalate which comprises of frozen orange meringue, delicately placed on a bed of poached apple, topped with walnut espuma and goat cheese. It was beautifully presented and was superb. It was like a burst of flavors in the mouth when had it. A must try!!


Fresh nitrogen guacamole-Now i couldnt wait to try their fresh Guacamole. We called for Guacamole which is served with tortilla chips. Its healthier then nachos and was super delicious and creamy. Absolutely loved watching it being freshly made at our table and savored every bit of its creaminess. It was beautifully served in the shells of avocado itself.

Taquitos- these were gluten free cone filled with beans and topped with avocado icecream, parmesan cheese and served with pica di gallo salad- this blew me away with its presentation, the combinations and the taste… absolutely brilliant!!!


Next was another killer. Jalapeno queso with jalapeno foam which was stuffed with 2 types of cheese-monterey jack cheese and cheddar cheese and was served with cocktail sauce on the plate. It looked like a cloud on the plate and when u take a bite you experience a cheesegasm. Its creamy and super delicious.

We now moved on to the mains where we called for 2 dishes-

Margherita upside down- It was a crispy crunchy pizza with the cheese first and topped with sauce and basil. Was super tasty.


Peperoni Ripieni- It was pimento rice, served with stuffed bell pepper (stuffing of peppers and cheese), paprika cheese sauce and truffle fries. Absolutely loved the flavors, the capsicum was al dente with a creamy stuffing, sauce complimented the whole dish giving it a perfectly creamy taste and the best ever truffle fries i tasted.


Our tummy was bursting with all this deliciously good food when we remembered how famous this place is for its desserts. We called for their top notch one which is totally a masterchef dish with lots of elements in one plate.

Chocolate Explosion– Its a chocolate ball on a bed of chocolate soil which is filled with popcorns, mango mousse, red velevet cake bites and bite size brownie pieces and covered with paan flavoured cotton candy. It is accompanied by macaroons, chocolate sauce, strawberry sauce, custard, profiteroles, brownie dipped in chocolate and 3 scoops of different flavoured icecreams. Sounds like hell lot isnt it?? It gets its name from the fact that they pour liquid nitrogen inside the choclate ball and then break it…. its a delight to the eyes and the palate.

Not only did the ball explode but after this our stomach was about to explode too. We ended with this beautiful dessert and relished absolutely every morsel tried here. The hospitality was excellent and so was the service. Plus after seeing the pics you might think it to be too expensive. It is normal pricing with huge quantities. You can expect a bill of around 1500 between 2 ppl. The best thing for all vegetarians, this place is purely vegetarian with such beautiful options that you are bound to be blown away. This was my second visit here as a person, first visit as a reviewer and I was delighted both the times. Definitely coming back for more!!! My special thanks to the chef for all the food and Mr Santosh for attending to us from start till the end and to Mr Pramod who happily served us.

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