Review-Asia kitchen and bar


This is a new place opened up in Sakinaka last week. I attended it’s opening night. It’s located at Sakinaka junction. Once you reach there you can’t miss the place. The place has beautiful wooden furniture with ancient Chinese carvings on the wall and a huge n lavish bar with some rarest of drinks towards your left when you enter. The place has a partition in the center with seating on both the sides, a dj console at the end, and a lovely little smoking room inside the place at the end.


Dj console and smoking zone ????

Beautiful isn’t it?? This place has some of the best cocktails and delectable Asian food to watch out for. We started with their cocktails ????

1. Cambodian cooler- it’s a cocktail of vodka, watermelon juice, ginger and mint juleps, presented beautifully in a basket with a piece of dry ice inside to have constant fumes coming and it keeps bubbling. It tasted as awesome as it looked; was refreshingly tasty!! ????


2. Master leechee – it’s a cocktail of rum, cranberry juice, leechee juice and lemon grass. This one looked even more beautiful than the previous one and tasted amazing. The only problem with this drink was that due to lemon grass topping it was constantly coming in the mouth, coz of which I left it half unfinished ????


3. Oriental synthesis- it’s a beautiful looking cocktail made of vodka with pineapple juice and apple, served with 2 mini hanging pineapple pieces flamed for the perfect balance of flavours. It’s a delightful drink.


4. Sake sangria- this is a unique one and very fruity, tasty, yummy and strong. It’s a must have at this place. It’s a sangria made out of Japanese wine sake ????



5. Tequila-A good night doesn’t come to an end without a shot of tequila ????


While we were enjoying our drinks, there were constant trays of food being circulated around. There were sushis and edmame dumplings which were delectable. The sushis were creamy and super tasty. There were prawn tempura sushis and veg asparagus and cheese sushis ????

The edmame cheese dumplings tasted like they were stuffed with mashed potatoes and served with chilli sauce. I absolutely loved it ????


Next was pulled pork belly bao which was had by my partner who loves non veg. As per him this is a must hv dish. The meat was juicy, tender and super tasty. It was served with prawn chips which perfectly complimented the dish ????



Next was closed bao. It was baked bao which was crispy from outside and beautiful soft stuffing inside served with a spicy chutney which was too good ????


This was the only food available for the opening night, but everything tasted was excellent. For me the food, drinks and the awesome music were all at par adding up to a beautiful evening. The service was prompt and Mr Sanjay gave us the best service. I would say it’s a place to watch out for, for a great night in suburbs!!

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