Review-Papacream oshiwara?

So for all of you who loved my papacream review a week back and whow live in suburbs…. Papa comes to andheri ?. Papacream opened its doors in oshiwara on 1st December.20161130_213909It’s located bang opposite to ‘the dhaba’ in oshiwara. It’s as beautiful as it’s churchgate counterpart with just more seating space.

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Here is all that I tried on their review night!! Warning…they’ll leave you drooling and wanting.

1. Hummus ice cream- This is a savory icecream. It’s pesto hummus churned into icecream and served with lavash. It actually makes you feel like u r eating cold hummus and lavash and not an icecream at all. Worth trying!


2.  Belgian chocolate sundae- its Belgian chocolate icecream, hot fudge, caramel, choco chip and whipped cream wrapped in a bubble waffle and served. This one was outstanding. The bubble waffle was piping hot with the cold icecream in the center and all the toppings. You can’t stop eating it!!


3. Jumbo Doughwich- this is homemade doughnut, layered with Belgian chocolate icecream, whipped cream, oreos, fudge sauce, caramel sauce and dipping chocolate. A sandwich like never before ?


4. Tiramisu icecream- it was creamy Tiramisu icecream layered with sponge cake. Was deliciously good!!


5. Madras sorbet- This one was class apart. It was tender coconut and white chocolate sorbet served with iddiyapum. This made me feel like I was taking a bite of idli and coconut chutney. This was another savory genius of theirs.


For more such beautiful icecreams, visit Papacream at the earliest!!!

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