Review- Pa Pa Ya- foodporn in true sense!!!


This was the second place I reviewed from the list of Massive restaurants Pvt. Ltd. Headed by Kalras and I must say I was blown away. I visited with my hubby and it turned out to be one of our best dinner experience. I had heard a lot about this place and it’s food but when I actually experienced it I realized that words of people didn’t do justice to the place. It is outstanding.

Talking about the interiors, this place has design of molecules all across the restaurant to represent it’s molecular gastronomy which makes the place appear beautiful. The tables are just perfectly set with enough distance to give each table it’s own privacy with conversations. I visited in the evening so it was dimly lit much like Masala bar which I visited earlier. The place looks inviting from outside and the food served here is enticing. Staff is very friendly and excellent customer service.

We were greeted by Chef Sagar Patil as we took our seats. He told us to just sit back and enjoy the evening while he presented us with his best dishes from appetisers to desserts. We were happy with the idea. Mr Gaurav was introduced to us who waited on our table throughout the time we spent here. We were presented with the bar menu to select some drinks vd like to try. We asked Mr Gaurav to suggest us the best ones and he did.

While we waited for our drinks we were presented with Amuse bouche- this one was basil compressed watermelon with lemon and chilli froth. It was beautifully presented and tasted refreshingly good.


As we gulped this down we were presented with our drinks-

1. Crowned head- bourbon with sage and pineapple, banana and chamomile foam, sage and cardamom fumes. This one had a beautiful fragrance, presentation and taste. It is appealing to eyes, nose, and tongue equally.

2. Lighthouse- Lemongrass flavoured vodka, galangal, dash of orange juice and pineapple juice. It was on the sweeter side just the way I like it.


As we started sipping on these we were presented with Crispy lotus stem served with avocado cream on the side. This dish is dehydrated lotus stem tossed in honey n chilli sauce with sesame seeds on top. It was beautifully presented on a stone, was super crispy and very tasty. The silky avocado cream perfectly balanced the flavours.


Next came the round of sushis ????

1.Veg sushi burger-jasmine rice and pickled aioli, on side yuzu soya foam, togarshi powder (Japanese spicy powder), pink ginger and wasabi. From presentation to the taste I loved it all.


2. Crispy vegetable dehydrated maki roll topped with dehydrated spinach. It was  delectable. Presentation was colorful and spectacular. The dehydrated spinach played the hero of the dish.


(They have an option of ordering 4 or 8 pcs of sushis for all the guests. There is also an option of sushi matrix which has 19 pieces or sushi boat with 29 pcs for a large group of ppl.)

Now was the time to indulge in some dim sums. We were presented with 4 different kinds of dim sums. Each one looked spectacular and was toothsome.

1. Sauteed leeks and waterchestnut dimsum-these were beetroot infused for color, with celery sauce in the base and served with soya foam.

2. Asparagus and corn dimsum- base was black bean sauce. Loved the flavours.


3. Kale pokchoy mushroom dim sum- served with crispy fried rice noodles on the side and tomato salsa in the base. Served with a side of fried garlic. This was a beautiful medley of textures. Absolutely loved the flavours.


4. Roasted aubergine and demerara goutie- when I heard aubergine I wasn’t too keen on it since I don’t like aubergine. Gaurav said this is our most famous dish here, just try it. It was served with nokcham caviar on side and base of Cantonese chilli sauce. I absolutely loved this one. It was a burst of flavours in the mouth.


We thot of taking a break from food for 1 more cocktail each and ended up calling for-

1. Wise whiskey- cinnamon foam on top, mandarin and whisky based drink, honey infused for the natural sweetness. This was too good.


2. Shinsei-vodka based, thyme, passion fruit juice orange juice and rose petals infused with liquid nitrogen and rose water concoction. Lip smacking.


Now came edmame chick pea slider-lotus flower bun, grilled edmame patty, wasabi mayo, homemade potato chips served on a toy truck. This was super delish.

We were then presented with the palate cleanser before main course- it was yuzu rambutan sorbet. This tasted quite tangy.


We were too full already but yet there was main course and desserts to go. Talking about main course chef sent us one curry, one rice dish and a noodle dish. The main course was presented in stone bowls and the look of it is good enough to get you hungry again.

1. Ching mai curry with coconut base, with brussel sprouts and cherry tomatoes. I loved the flavours of the curry. So authentic. I couldn’t stop eating this one though I was stuffed.

2. Khao pad karpao- Thai basil rice.  These were on the dry side and little hard compared to the standard Indian palate, but so perfectly flavoured. The spicy rice went very well with the mild flavourful curry.

3. Yaki udon noodles- Japanese thick noodles just tossed with veggies. Bland and yet tasty.


Now was the time to pamper our sweettooth. Being a chocoholic i chose both chocolate desserts. I dont know which one to rate better out of the 2 coz they both made me fall in love with them.

1. Aerated matcha- cocoa cream with oreo base and jd mousse on side and matcha sprinkle all over topped qith some fresh berries. It doesn’t just sound delicious it tasted even better. It was silky, smooth, rich, creamy and the fragrance of the authentic cocoa powder on the mousse made my senses twirl.

2. Chocolate ball on fire- this I say is what dreams are made of ????. Its brownie, vanilla ice cream covered under a chocolate ball. Presented with hocolate mousse, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, on the side with some sugar roasted nuts and berries. Watch the chocolate ball melt under the fire of triple sec. Mesmerising to look at and absolutely orgasmic once you dig in. This dessert plays with all your senses with its theatrical presentation. It gives you one heady feeling with the aery and crunchy nuts and the triple sec with chocolate and caramel. It’s a must have.

Yes I ate it all. Licked it off infact and no im not a monster ????

Like all good things even this came to an end. It was the best dinner date review ever. Pricing is pretty moderate for what they serve here. The chef has the panache to make your senses swirl. A must try for any special night. It would surely be an experience you’d never forget. We literally crawled out of this place with our bellies about to burst.

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