Dressing for work!!

Hate formals?? A common thing I hear from lots 0f people. I personally feel it’s all bout being classy and comfortable!! As it’s rightly said by Coco Chanel- a girl should be 2 things- classy and fabulous!! Also good dressing by default gives you confidence.

I personally feel office dressing shouldn’t be a punishment, it’s a way of putting out your best polished self. Instead of following trends blindly, wear something that makes u look hot and feel comfortable. I am very comfortable in my skin so I happen to wear lot of one pieces too. Below are the 4 of my fav looks-


1. Cotton pants with a same colour cotton top and just a well tailored designer blazer thrown over it with comfortable heels or flats is one perfact way to go feeling comfortable and looking awesome. Just a throw of blazer transforms the look from semi formal to formal.


2. We all repeat our clothes all the time, but we still want to look different.  So here Ive paired the same blazer again, but this time with a white shirt and denims- a combination that can never go wrong.


3. As I said I love my one pieces. So here is a dress from @mango. Shopped from dubai. The checks and the subtle colours can go for a perfect corporate look.


4. Being a lover of white, this is one of my personal favourite dress which I picked up in online shopping from @stalkbuylove. It’s a peplum. It looks very classy. I’ve paired it with golden wedges just to give a fun touch to the otherwise serious corporate look. Pair it with a good handbag and a dash of eye liner and it is sure to make the heads turn.

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