Review- Manasi bungalow- Lonavala-beautiful destination for your parties!!

Lonavala is a hill station in Maharashtra, 84 kms from Mumbai. It’s very popular tourist destination and a weekend getaway for its proximity to Mumbai and it’s scenic beauty.

Last week I got invited to visit this beautiful place for a review of “house of bliss”aka Manasi bungalow. Check out the pics to know why is it called the “house of bliss”????

Beautiful night view????

The very scenic verandah, garden and living room????

The beautiful suite in which v stayed????

The equally beautiful second suite????

It’s a gorgeous property surrounded by nature and a little inside from the main market hence making it very peaceful. The place is adorned by 2 beautiful and big suites with attached bathrooms, a living room where atleast 10 ppl can comfortably sleep in the night (there is a bathroom given outside for ppl sleeping in the living room to use), woofers for a boomblastic party, a beautiful porch for sipping on your morning coffee or enjoying a few drinks in the night and the most beautiful front lawn good enuf for a party of 50 ppl and the back yard for games and strolls.

Check out the morning view of this beautiful lakeside bungalow ????


I woke up to this view ????

The beautiful outside area of the bungalow????

This is the beautiful lakeside behind the walls of the bungalow where you can just stand in the morning and watch the different species of birds come and go. It’s serene, tranquil and beautiful.

This place has a very loyal and friendly staff, who take care of the property like their own. They also have their in house cook, so in case if u crave for home cooked meals, that can be served to you, or you can order from outside- the surrounding restaurants offer a lot of discounts to Manasi bungalow guests. The place has all the basic amenities needed. It has more of a rustic look, which actually adds to its charm. Plus the owners have selected some beautiful show pieces and decors for this place to enhance the rustic look with a touch of beautiful artistic pieces be it furniture or for show to add to the charm ????

We had a ball of a time. We slept thru the day, went out to enjoy sunsets, got massages, and evenings spent our maximum time drinking n playing board games in the porch while freezing in the cold, enjoying our music ????

Winter is here and so is December.  The party season is about to begin and since lot of people choose Lonavala to bring in their new years; book this place before its gone!! CONTACT person MANASVI BHATIA for the booking- 9820068611. YOU Can Also FOLLOW their insta page @manasibungalow.

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  1. Love the ambience and beautiful vicinity. Thanks for detailed post… This place is indeed a must visit.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Its indeed a beautiful place

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