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Ever tried aloe vera juices??? Ive been a hater up until now. Knowing the stickiness of the plant, I couldnt imagine eating it or drinking it. Alo drink India decided to prove to me that aloe vera could taste yummy too. I recieved this in the package by Mandara orchards. When i saw the bottles i thot ‘Ok, ill take a sip to taste.’ This had to be had cold. I chilled it for 2 hours and then tried a sip; trust me, I couldnt stop at a sip. I gulped down half the bottle one shot. So refreshing and tasty.

Cost- 180 rs for 500 ml


1.These juices are completely natural and made form real aloe vera and pulp. This one is not made out of aloe vera powder as many companies make.

2.There is no  artificial flavors, preservatives or added colors.

3. Fat free

4. Aloin free (aloin is found in aloe vera but if had in more quantities can be carcinogenic).

5. Non GMO

6. Gluten free

7. Ready to drink

8. Healthy

9. Super tasty than its counterparts in India.

I can bet on it that for this drink you will not think of health benefits, you’ll drink it anyways coz of its refreshing taste. Also lot of people hate the aloe pulp, but when you drink this with the pulp pieces inside it will make you feel like eating jelly pieces with the fruity juice. Never had the aloe pulp tasting so good before.

I tried their 2 flavors and found them very fresh and amazing.


They have many other flavours and 4 different variants too which you can check out here -

They are here to stay in the market and id say try it to know it. This product also has a very exciting thing on its label, there is a barcode. You scan it and it gives you excess to Alo tunes. So you can enjoy some music with your drinks as u rejuvenate.


I am a big fan already. Try it out! check out their link for store locators or order online.

This product is introduced in India by Mandara orchards-

Try it and tell me how you liked it 😉

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  1. Aaron Emmanuel Singh says:

    This is Aaron Emmanuel Singh From Allahabad where can I get this herein Allahabad Indian

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Hey Aaron…u can order this online..the links are mentioned in the blog

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