Hello lovelies, here’s my first article on fashion ?

I happened to visit the luxury garden market sometime back which Id reviewed. I came across this store of ‘Mati’ which means “soil” in hindi.


It’s a label launched by Fatima k Punjabi- after a very successful career as a costume designer and celebrity stylist. ‘Mati’ or soil signifies creation and growth. This naturally represents the designers aesthetics and the essence of the brand.

I really loved the earthy hues of clothes and the modern touch to the ethnic wear and the stylish long shrugs. This brand offers a ‘no fuss’ ‘easy to carry’ clothes which make u look really elegant and classy if paired with the right things.

She happened to give me this beautiful red coloured flow along gathered top. When I looked at it I knew I was gonna wear it in a different way then just a regular kurti kinda top. So here’s how I styled it in 2 different ways which are totally the ways I’d like to wear this beautiful piece. Check it out?


1. wear it like a one piece and pair it with a long neck piece and boots for a trendy and hot look.


2. with leggings, short neck piece and boots for a chic look.

Tell me what u think about these. Also for more of her beautiful and stylish creations you can follow her on-

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  1. edebock says:

    I like the second look with the leggings best.
    Thanks for visiting and following my blog! I hope you’ll find many things you enjoy there.

    Elaine @ Following Augustine

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