Recipe Varadiyu- village special. Must try!

Varadiyu is a dish very famously made in a village in Gujarat called Gondal.  This dish is not known by most of the people, but it’s a very tasty and healthy winter special lentil and veggie soup made on a old style furnace (over logs and coals).


It has all winter specials veggies. Check out the recipe –


Tandalja bhaji
Green onion
Green Garlic
Greel vaal (lima beans)
Green tuver (pigeon pea)
Jinjara (green chana)
Papdi (green broad beans)
Baigan  (aubergine)
Purple yam
Green chillies
Roasted cumin seeds powder
Moong dal yellow
Urad dal.  (Split black gram)

Add all these ingredients in a pot and add water. *Even if u put just a fistful of everything its still gonna be enuf quantity for 7-8 ppl. Let it simmer off for 7 hours.  Yes thats right 7 hours to get that perfect flavour on sigdi. Its ready to serve – add lemon over it as per your taste.


How to eat this? – in village this is served with bajra roti and makhan, green thecha, pickles and buttermilk. You can break down the rotla in tiny pieces and pour the varadiyu over it and eat it or just eat it all separately.  It is absolutely yummy.


Try it before the season gets over!!


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