What are Parabens?? ALSO, Some paraben free brands to check out.

We all have been using soaps, creams, lotions and also consuming lot of processed foods all our lives without ever reading what all they contain. Even if we do read, as a layman we dont understand what are all the ingredients mentioned. There are tons of companies that have entered the cosmetic world. Thousands of new creams and soaps and lipsticks coming up every day and millions of products available for your body. When we thoughtlessly use these, we are actually using and consuming tons of chemicals.

Thanks to internet and people’s curiosity, many have started getting very conscious of the products they use in day to day life. People have started looking for natural products now. One most common thing you hear these days is paraben free products. BUT; what are parabens?

PARABENS- are preservatives used in cosmetics, food and drugs to inhibit the growth of fungus and bacteria. Hence millions of products with good shelf life.  However, parabens come with its own side effects. Listed below are a few of them-

1. Breast cancer

2. Infertility in men

3. Environmental hazard due to widespread use.

4. Promotes skin ageing.

5. Early puberty.

Its scary but its true. The reality however is that we are flooded with these products and we all have used them and consumed them. Our fav common brands come with Parabens and I personally use them too.

Foods- lot of beers, sauces, processed foods, frozen foods, jams, pickles and soft drinks also have parabens.

My grandma has been a strong promoter of natural products. My grandma didn’t hv a single grey hair till age of 70 and a single wrinkle till 65. Her skin was supple and spotless and health perfect. She till date makes her own shampoo, hair oil, face creams and face masks everything at home with natural ingredients. Not just that, even sauces, jams, butter and medicines are made at home. My mom made lot of this at home too when I was growing up. These things got deep rooted in me since I was a kid. I am a believer in nature. Obviously with our todays fast paced life there is no time to make everything, also ive loved paraben products by many of my favorite brands equally, but we can surely try and opt for paraben free products and embrace nature with tons of natural products available in the market now.

For FOOD- opt for organic certified brands.

Few of the paraben free brands in India to switch to-

1. BIOTIQUE- listed amongst the top 10 cosmetic brands in India, definitely uses all natural ingredients. Maybe a bit expensive but definitely worth it.


(Google image)

2. MCAFFEINE- indias first caffeine infused cosmetic brand is also paraben and sls free. Personally tried and love their products.


3. FAB INDIA- a mass favorite.

images (3)

(Google image)

4. NYASSA- from heaven and earth.

images (4)

(Google image)

5. LOTUS- listed amongst the top 10 cosmetic brand in India.

images (2)

(Google image)

6. FOREST ESSENTIALS- one of my favorite brands.


(Google image)



(Google image)

These are a few I could think of, off hand. If there are any particular paraben free brands that you use, do leave the name in the comments below for me to try them out. Stay beautiful, stay safe ?



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  1. Richa Mina says:

    after reading a lot about carcinogens even i’ve switched over to organic products. biotique and fab india are good reliable brands for organic products

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      That’s the way to go. Organic is the best.

  2. I was always skeptical about the products with chemicals and majorly Parabens. Its been 4 years that I have switched to organic brands or I DIY myself at home .

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      I diy too when not using organic brands

  3. My favorite by far has to be Forest Essentials. Been hearing great things about Juicy Chemistry as well. Planning to order some soon

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      I love forest essentials too ?

  4. Yogita Joshi says:

    Parabens needs to be avoided. I always use organic products. Biotique is indeed my favourite

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Boutique has amazing products. Organic is the way to go

  5. U K says:

    Some of the facts you mentioned are so scary. yet we are so ignorant most times. We all should think first of our health. 🙂

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      I myself was so ignorant about this till sometime back when I did lot of reviews of paraben free brands and i started reading about them.

  6. Ritika Bhui says:

    I have recently switched to paraben free skin care and definitely the best decision I’ve ever made in this regard. Love Kama Ayurveda and biotique range!

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      I love boutique too

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