Gaming- Tata Yodha Kabbadi Challenge!!

Kababbi kabaddi kabaddi kabaddi….

So much to win in the #TataYodhaKabaddiChallenge!

What got my attention? Kabaddi and online? WOW!

 I registered at the bat of an eyelid and started exploring this interesting game.


When I skimmed through I realized that there is a bunch of prizes up for grabs.

To win big by just playing a fun filled game, is a good bet! Isn’t it? That’s when I stuck to playing it regularly and making high scores.


The car driving through at the end of each round is so interesting. It makes me feel like I’m getting closer to the Grand prize which is – Rs.10,000/- worth vouchers!

All in all, a game very well crafted and conceptualized and an amazing take on Kabaddi!

You guys should play it too : Just click on the link and get registered today!

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