Review-Fuel pump Elixir

20161022_210133This place is located in Malad very close to inorbit mall. If uve seen fuel pump then fuel pump Elixir is their rooftop which is converted by young entrepreneurs into this beautiful sheesha lounge. This staircase leads u to the way up to the big beautiful lounge????

Loved the way it’s made up. It’s huge n spacious. We were warmly greeted by the owners of this place. It’s being run by 4 partners namely Amit Saluja, Siddharth Shah, Pravin Jethmalani and Chintan Devalia. They are young bunch of entrepreneurs and very lovely ppl. We exchanged pleasantries and took our seats at a table. The best part of this place is they hv charging points at every table. The place is also wifi connected. We started going thru the menu cards and I loved how the menus were designed


Since this place is famous for hookah we thot of going with that first. We got a customised one made with kahlua  and vodka which was milk based with flavours like orange mint and vanilla. It was too good. They also hv fancy hookah, fruit hookah n led hookahs. For hookah lovers, this is a place to be at. The hookahs start with as low as 700.




Next we moved on to drinks. This place is more of a stopover for corporate ppl to just come in evening n grab a few drinks. So they r not into too many fancy cocktails yet I tried the best ones there.

I called for Blushing Rita which was a combo of Strawberry crush, tequila n lime and it was toooooo good. Next I tried their peach martini which was peach crush, vodka n gin combined. It was very refreshing n peachy. Loved it too. Last I tried their Chatka mary which is bloody Mary but with guava juice instead of tomato juice mixed with vodka, lime juice and tobasco and I absolutely loved it. Was happy with all my cocktails.

Next went on with starters in veg starters I had paneer sholay kebab which were deliciously good. They were paneer marinated in green chutney. It was spicy, paneer was super soft and was topped with cheese which gave it an amazing flavour.  Loved it. Next I tried the moong masala, which was cooked Sprouts with spices. That dish lacked a tang n didn’t like it very much. 3rd starter was mix veg sesame- mushroom, onion n paneer cooked in soya sauce n spices with lot of sesame seeds. Was good in taste but a bit too oily. Next was my fav cheese cherry pineapple. Love that anytime. In this case just found the cheese to be hard n brittle so didn’t enjoy the cheese in that dish much…cherry n pineapple were spot on.

Moving on to non veg starters which my hubby tasted were apparently the best of the night. He tried chicken rosali which is a must have according to him. The chicken was soft n juicy n the dish was spicy, tangy n cheesy. The chicken was stuffed n the stuffing was too good. In all a lip smackingly yummy dish. Next he had chicken in schezwan sauce n that was excellent too. Spicy n cooked to perfection.

After all this we enjoyed a few more drinks. Enjoyed the awesome.mix of latest hindi n English songs being played. Danced for a while n ended the night with main course. We kept it simple with just paneer makhani n rotis.  The makhani was super tasty n creamy. The rotis were so light that didn’t realise where v finished 2 each. 20161023_012730

Couldnt try their desserts as theyd run out of them.

They hv a very huge menu to choose from. I tried these few dishes since we were 3 of us. If u r a big group u can try lot more. When it comes to service, I wasn’t happy with it. The staff was toon slow to bring the orders and had to be reminded of the order twice each time. But keeping that aside everything else was enjoyable. Trust me guys the food is worth the wait. Plus the quantity is good and its averagely priced. Hv heard that their Chinese isn’t so good. Stick to North Indian n ull b happy. Great place, great ppl lovely food, music n hookah. Overall a fun evening spent here. Cheers team Elixir ????????

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