Well I can write a lot about this place as I’ve lived here for a few years for work. It’s a city in Gujarat, India famous for textile and diamond markets all across the globe and is an economical capital of Gujarat.

When I lived here for a while I saw so many changes to the city that I can vouch for it being a fast developing one. But yes when u get here u hv to forget driving rules….ull see people coming from all sides without warning…even wrong side driving is pretty normal in this city. The most entertaining part on roads is to watch bikers texting and chatting on their phones while riding!! U could be scared for their life but they r fearless. For first timers in Surat u all would have heard this place to be a foodie’s paradise. Well ud love trying everything if u r here for a few days…but when i lived here i prefered home cooked meals better coz I didn’t get authentic taste in any international cuisine. If u wanna be happy with food here, eat what the Surtis would. This place has a laari culture. Instead of going to good restaurants ppl enjoy spending time with their families gorging on street food, laaris and food trucks which have increased greatly in this city in a short span. U could get Mexican, Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, fast food everything on streets. I’m gonna list down few good places u could eat at if visiting this city.

Kathiyawadi food- The best place for this would be Bhathwari. It’s located a bit on the outskirts but a beautiful open air space with lot of entertainment like rifle shooting, magic show, bonfire during winters, archery, rifle etc r available here to spend a good evening. They hv best meal, but only open in evenings. Stay hungry in afternoon to go n eat at this place in the night.  For day time cravings there is Kansar and Sasuma for gujju thalis.

Rajasthani food- best place for this is hands down Chokhi Dani. Again on the outskirts n open only in evenings also has cultural dances, mehendi and lots of entertainment for a great evening. There is also good dal baati churma for just 100 rs unlimited at vesu opposite reliance mart. It’s very good in taste and dirt cheap.

Chinese- wok on fire is on fire when it comes to Chinese food….it is totally Indian Chinese with oil and spices used but it’s people’s favourite out here. Ppl love Golden dragon for Chinese specially if non vegetarian. It’s a place which is running since years and is really good again for Indian taste of Chinese food.

For snacking- madhi ni khamani, jani  farsan, Mahalaxmi farsan house and Gopal locho are the most famous names. My fav is Jani and Mahalaxmi for their sev khamani, khaman dhokla, locho, patties, kachori and namkeen…jani has tons of variety like bread rolls, wraps and even Maggi and dumas famous tomato bhajiya. U get cheese samosa at laari with kadhi which is too good. Also ppl love aloo puri in surat…I’ve tasted it n it’s quite nice. U can hv the best aloo puri at rander and nanpura.

For non veg it’s best to visit during Muslim fasting month of Ramzan when the roads of rander become a non vegetarians paradise.

If u love parathas….u get the best one at laaris on Piplod.

For Italian- Leonardo is quite good, for cheaper versions there is food courts. Pizzas are best at Den’s if u want the local taste…they r quite good. Or there is always Domino’s.

Fast food- there is subway, mc d, kfc and dunkin donuts avaliable.

U get the best dabeli at honey dabeli on ghod dod road with the best fresh juices right there. Talking about juices try Richie rich juice at athwalines. They have amazing variety of exotic fresh fruit juices. For sandwiches ppl lover Mahalaxmi at Adajan  ( they hv awesome milkshakes) n sandwich guy at Gandhi smriti. Recently I tried sandwiches at grill house which is a tiny shop in the basement at city light next to hp fuel pump. They hv the best sandwiches in that place with all fusion varieties.

For south Indian food there is my sore café at athwalines, dosa plaza at vr mall food court n muthu dosa at vesu which is really good for authentic south Indian.

The best sizzlers are at sizzling salsa. They hv a huge variety to choose from. For North Indian I love awadh at varacha.

Surat is most famous for its egg varieties…. u get 100s of varieties to choose from. The best place gor eggs is amthakaka at piplod and one very famous place in bhagal. Can’t remember the name but it’s quite famous.

If u go to Surat ppl will suggest u try the tomato bhajiya/ pakoda at Dumas…they r seriously amazing. With tomato slices marinated with chutney n stuffed slightly with spiced potato mash n then fried. I love those.

In food trucks @piplod definitely try Mexican rodeo for their Indian Mexican… specially burrito bowl which is too good. And the chaap truck which serves amazing soya chaap and rolls and curries n roti. It’s super delicious to dig in. It’s like veg- non veg completely made from soya.

Also don’t forget to try the corn bhel with cheese at piplod and most importantly their highway speciality called Ubadiyu which is only available in winters. It’s whole cooked root vegetables in a clay pot marinated with spices for hours. It’s served hot with spicy chutney in a newspaper for 30 bucks. It’s worth trying.. it’s potatoes, sweet potatoes and beans, yam, n purple yam slow cooked. It’s superb.

Surat also has likes of Taj and The Grand Bhagawati surat for lavish buffets.

If I’m covering food how can I forget the mithai /sweets of this place? The best sweet shop here n most famous is shiv shakti for their Indian sweets and crispy jalebis. The Surat speciality called ghaari loaded with ghee n has amazing flavour of kesar and u can choose the one stuffed with pistachio or mixed dry fruits. U can get these at Shiv shakti @ghod dod road or Mohan mithai next to the station. If u love jalebis u hv to try the rose petals and kesar jalebis at Kailash. They are crispy juicy and the best I’ve had. If u r a ghevar fan…ull get the best one at 24 karat where it’s really soft and fresh and loaded with dry fruits or even cream of u want. 24 karat also has lot of creative chocolate mithais which are mouth watering. Their doodhi halwa and chikoo halwa is amazing????.

I think I’ve covered all the places that I could think of!! Hope u enjoy ur next trip to this place now.

Ps. Lot of ppl suggest Gangour for the food in Surat. Go at ur own risk…it’s super unhygienic and bad taste.


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  1. mahekg says:

    great info..if I visit again will try all this for sure

    1. missbhukkad says:

      @mahekg this article was specially for u ????

      1. mahekg says:

        Thanks a ton. Was there for a week. Just found one called as Royal Dine. Did not get good options at all. Thanks so much. Shared with friends to.

        1. missbhukkad says:

          ???? lovely!! Now u n ur friends hv lot of dishes n the best places to try them at !

          1. mahekg says:

            Yes surely… ????????????

  2. mahekg says:

    Hey Kajal …need you have some address for CHoki Dhani and Kathiyawadi food-

      1. mahekg says:

        na have mentioned in the post na that place

        1. missbhukkad says:

          Yes Chokhi Dani is on the bardoli highway towards bardoli from surat…n Bhathwari for kathiyawadi….that’s again before bardoli highway on left side from surat.

          1. mahekg says:

            Thanks a ton 🙂

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