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Yesterday afternoon i visited Zoobar for the food tasting. For all the people living in Mumbai Zoobar is a name u’ve surely heard. Its a club located in Vile parle west near station. Its one of the happening places in Mumbai. As i live very closeby i’d definitely been here before for the party…saturday nights, but never got to tasting their food and had heard so much about it. Finally i dug into it yesterday & i can say i’ve become a fan of jain food for the 1st time ever.

For the first time i saw this place calm, peaceful and empty being a weekday afternoon… otherwise its buzzing with people and so crowded that u might at times not get place to even stand. So here i got it covered for all you people out there!! i walk up to the bar where i was warmly greeted by the owner himself Nishant Joshi. We exchanged pleasantries and I decided to take some pictures of this beautiful place. Its a big place, vibrant with the colors used and the animal artifacts adds to the charm of the place.

-while you are climbing up to the entrance of the club you can see their list of everyday activities taking place there.


U can see in the list of activities, this place isn’t just for partying…they got lots going on here. From karaoke to game nights to ladies night to bollywood it’s all there. For bollywood lovers, this place is a high end bollywood bar!!

-the outside non ac seating


-the bar


-the artifacts


-the beautiful and colorful ac seating


Beautiful isn’t it?

Thanks to Nishant’s love for pets…this place was one of the first place in Mumbai to allow people to bring their pets with them when they come for food. This place has a special menu for pets. Check it out-

20161025_140158Sounded totally amazing to me ????. U can bring your own bowl for your pet’s food to be served or they provide with plastic bowls for pets to eat from. Loved this concept of theirs.

So I got back to my seat and waited for the food. I happened to notice their placards for Oktoberfest going on here-


When i had spoken to Nishant over the phone before tasting i had informed him about me being vegetarian. He told me vll serve you jain food and i said ‘NO, I love onion garlic and potatoes’ he said ‘trust me you wont miss them, its a promise!’ The chef was already informed about the jain dishes ill be tasting. The first one served was 65 tacos. It was spicy and delectable.


Next one was Kung pao tacos. This one though looked the same had a totally different taste. It tasted more like barbecue flavour, with nuts and cottage cheese stuffing. The taco shells that you see were not actually shells, they were more like mini parathas. The taste was spot on and they left me craving for more….the best part i totally forgot i was doing jain tasting; the richness of the flavors and the play of the spices was so amazing that i couldn’t make out that these dishes lacked onion and garlic totally! check the image below-


The next was nachos. Nachos were super cheesy, creamy and yummy!! The nacho chips were thin and crispy and totally coated with cheese!! –


Then i was served their paneer  Asian style and boy oh boy, i loved it!!! The paneer was melt in the mouth soft and yet perfectly cooked in the sauces, absorbing all the juices. It was spicy and soooo tasty that i could finish 4-5 more of such servings of this dish. –


Last on the list was their famous pizza. They served me half verdure and half primavera and did i love them? they reminded me of Marriott pizzas. Thin, crisp crust with sauces and exotic veggies. Loved both the flavours!!


Trust me it was the best jain food i ever tasted in my life!! Big fan. This is where the tasting came to an end. Now was time for some fun!! We sat for a while and got talking. I noticed their bookshelf with all kinds of books for some lone, chilled out afternoon there.


Apart from books they have lots of games like monopoly, chess, beer pong, drinking tic tac toe, jenga and even battleship for fun time with friends. Tuesday nights are game nights here. We decided to play a game of beer pong before leaving the place, but instead of beer we played with vodka since i dont drink beer.


I had an absolutely amazing time with the tastiest ever jain dishes, great company and ending with a fun game!! Definitely coming back here again n having all the jain dishes again!! Bollywood lovers this is the best place to be, with great crowd, amazing music and so much happening you are bound to have a great time here!!

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    the interiors look interesting to

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      Oh they r very quirky n colourful

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