Fresh yellow and white turmeric pickle

This pickle is winter special in mostly all households. This is had with meals everyday. There are various health benefits attached to it.

Health benefits of fresh yellow turmeric –

1. Turmeric contains powerful medicinal properties.

2. It has anti inflammatory properties and also helps in repairing damage.

3. Helps delay ageing and fight chronic diseases.

4. Curcumin is effective as antidepressant.

5. Boosts brain function and lowers risk of brain disease.

6. Lowers risk of heart disease.

7. Helps prevent cancer.

These are the few benefits. There are numerous more.

Health benefits of fresh white turmeric also known as amba haldi since it smells like mango but is turmeric and tastes like a combination of the 2-

1. Aids digestion

2. Reduces inflammation

3. High in antioxidants- which prevents acne and other skin problems.

4. Anti toxic.

We pickle it and consume it.

For pickling-

Skin and thinly slice the white turmeric and yellow turmeric. Squeeze one entire lime juice (for 100 grams quantity) and salt to it and preserve in the fridge for a week. Eat it with lunch and dinner, after all these health benefits 1 spoonful a day isn’t bad.


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  1. Richa MIna says:

    i knew few benefits of turmeric but you’ve listed so many more… very informative post. loved it

  2. Well , I am a big fan of fresh turmeric and like to use it in my soups and pickles too .

  3. With so many health benefits turmeric is indeed an magical spice.. Gonna try this pickle asap…

  4. U K says:

    Turmeric is known for over 2000 years now for its health benefits. A spice of Turmeric is always welcome, both for its Tangy taste and health benefits.


  5. Savvy says:

    A grt read and well researched thought. I agree. We have the best in our homes itself. . . I’m sharing these thoughts on my portal soon.


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