Recipe- Chawal mirchi ke parathe with kofta in palak gravy.


For chawal mirchi (rice, chilly) paratha-

1.5 cups whole wheat flour, 1 cup cooked leftover rice, 2 crushed green chillies, 7 to 8 cloves crushed garlic, 1 inch crushed ginger, a handful of coriander leaves minutely chopped, salt to taste, 1 spoon oil, mix all together and add water to make a soft roti like dough. Divide the dough in equal parts and flatten it out with rolling pin one at a time and cook it over a flat pan with ghee. 

For kofta-

Take 50 grams paneer, 5 cloves garlic, a bunch of coriander leaves, 2 green chillies, half inch ginger, half cup green peas. Add all this in a mixie and grind it till coarse.

Now add this mixture to 3 boiled potatoes, add salt, 1.5 spoon chilli powder, 1 spn turmeric powder, aamchur, 1.5 spn dhaniya jeera powder pinch of sugar, 2 tbspn Maida and mix it all together to make a soft dough. Divide the dough in equal parts for kofta and roll it into balls, dice cheese into small pieces and stuff it in the center of the koftas. Roll the balls in maida and deep fry till brown.

In a pan heat oil, add 7 chopped garlic cloves, and one medium sized chopped onion, saute till golden brown, then add 2 medium sized  chopped tomatoes and cook till soft, add salt, turmeric powder, red chilli powder and cook properly. In another vessel boil water and blanch one bunch spinach (add the spinach to boiling water and remove it in a minute) now take a mixer and add the cooked tomato onion masala, and blanched spinach in it. Add 8 to 9 soaked cashewnuts and grind it all into a fine paste. Heat 1 spoon oil in vessel, add mustard seeds and let them splatter, add hing and then add the spinach tomato onion cashew puree to it. Add 1 glass of water and let it simmer for 15 minutes.

Now add kofta to it and cook for 3 minutes. Take it off the flame, top it with little fresh cream and serve hot with the parathas. I added some diced leftover cheese cubes to it. Do share your feedback if you try it out at home.

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  1. Savvy says:

    Interesting recipe. Especially looks tempting from a kid’s point ‘o view as we mommies constantly looking for such healthy and hatke recipes for our kids. Grt job. I am following u to know more….

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Thank u so much for such lovely feedback.

  2. Yum recipe, dipped in Indian flavour. I loved the food n would love to try making it. I especially loved the paratha. Great read ?

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Thank u so much

  3. I have been making these Paneer Koftas myself but never tried making chawal mirchi ke parathe , great thing is that one can use left over rice for this .

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Exactly. The leftover rice is put to use and they turn out soft and yum

  4. Neha Tambe says:

    This looks like a delicious recipe. I loved the recipe and this is perfect for the winter evenings.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Hope u enjoy eating it as much as we did.

  5. Shraddha says:

    Looks like a great recipe to try. I’ve never heard of parathas being made in this way

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      They turn out quite yum.

  6. U K says:

    Loved reading the recipe more for the fact that you also know cooking. I was always under the impression that you only review food.. 🙂


    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      I’m a very good cook first. Glad u liked it ?

  7. Tess says:

    Loved the recipe..u have made it so easy to prep..perfect for a healthy lunch tiffin

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Oh yes and yummy ?

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