Gajar ka halwa with cranberries and almonds

This has to be one of the most loved and tastiest of our Indian desserts!! The best part is it doesn’t take too long to make and is quite simple as a recipe. Check out my gajar ka halwa recipe with cranberries and almonds.

I used-

3 big carrots peeled and grated.

3 tbspns ghee

Sugar as per your taste. I used 2 tbspns.

1 cup milk

8-9 dried cranberries diced

8-9 almonds sliced thinly.


1. Heat ghee in a pan, add chopped almonds to it and fry till golden brown. Add cranberries to it and fry for 30 to 40 seconds.

2. Now add grated carrots to it and let it cool on slow flame till it reduces to almost half.

3. Add sugar and milk and keep cooking on slow flame till all the milk is gone and the halwa starts to leave ghee on the sides. That’s when it’s ready so take it off the flame and let it cool a little before serving.

Ways to serve-

1. U can serve just the halwa by itself, by garnishing with some sliced almonds and pistachio.

2. U can add a scoop of vanilla icecream to 1 scoop of halwa and serve. This is heavenly.

3. U could also serve this with freshly made custard. Cold custard and piping hot halwa are amazing.

4. Can be served by layering in between a baklava and pouring rabdi over it.

5. Can put a scoop of halwa in a tart and serve with a drizzle of milkmaid OR small scoops of cheesecake.

I’m sure your family and your guests would absolutely love it. Let me know in the comments below of any other creative ways you would like to serve it in.

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  1. Though Gajar ka halwa is a winter favourite and common in North Indian Homes , I really like the way you have added cranberries (yumm ) and the way you have presented this .

  2. I love gajar Ka halwa. But the cranberry twist is interesting, tempted to try out. Great recipe.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Thank u so much. Do share a feedback if u try

  3. U K says:

    You are preparing to become a full-fledged Chef I suppose. This, of course, is one of my favourite dishes. Send some left over to me… :p


    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      I’ll make again for u

  4. Gajar ka halwa is my weakness and I can replace it with a meal. Thank you for the wonderful recipe. I’m going to be making it soon.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Do share a feedback if u make it.

  5. Tess says:

    Gajjar ka halwa with cranberries seems such a flavour mix.. I can. Almost taste the mix of wonderful flavours in my mouth.. With the crunch of almonds

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      We absolutely loved it.

  6. Gajar ka Halwa is just irresistible, and these are some amazing twists that you have suggested. We love Gajar Ka Halwa with Vanilla ice cream, have also tried it with traditional Kheer too and it is yummy anyways.

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      It can have lots of twists but it’ll always be yummy

  7. Richa Mina says:

    Oh wow thanks for sharing the recipe of my fav dish.. i’m certainly going to try it now..

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      I hope u love it like we did.

  8. Savvy says:

    It’s the most favourite in our household and around the family. Even my I-dont- like dessert husbands goes berserk for this one dish.

    The writings and recipe is to the point of our favored way to make it. Maybe one try out banta hi hai! Yummm

    1. Kajal Kothari says:

      Oh yes one try more yayy

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