Chocolates anyone??


This box of awesomeness was gifted to me. Love chocolates?? Love alcohol?? These are a perfect combination of the 2. These are tiny chocolate bottles filled with alcohol in the centre. The wrapper of the bottles mention which alcohol ud get inside. It was an assorted box. But oh my, the minute u bite into it the liquid centre oozes with yumminess. I actually just turned the bottle upside down; drank off the centre and then continued munching on the tiny bottle. It’s pure heaven. One of the best liquor chocolates I had.

Try these out if you see them in any store… I’m sure ull fall in love with these!! I got mine from Dubai duty free and I never forget to call for more of these everytime I got someone coming from Dxb.

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  1. forward ur gift to ME… ????????????????????

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Hahahahah it’s all gone ????????

  2. Josh says:

    I want I Want!!!!!!

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