Recipe for skin!!

Hello ppl, hope u all r having a great day! I just got home from work half hour back, and we get calls from friends for a party tonight. Since I hv an hour on hand I thot of pampering myself. After all, we all love to relax after a tiring day, but when u hv to get ready for a fun night ahead u need to relax and rejuvenate at the same time. So I hv whipped up myself this heavenly smelling scrub-

1/3 cup coconut oil

1/2 cup brown sugar

Petals from a fragrant rose

And few drops of essential oils (in this case I used lavender)

Mix it all together to make a thick granulated paste.. get into the shower…scrub ur skin with this beautiful smelling scrub and wash it off with hot water… ur skin will feel like butter after the bath….smooth, creamy and smelling like flowers.

Sugar might be bad for intake but trust me it’s the best for ur skin. It’s great as an exfoliate. It works as natural moisturiser.  Last but not least brown sugar is great for cellulite.

Coconut oil is great for ur luscious skin.

Best thing it takes 2 mints to make and will leave u refreshed. Try it!! In the meanwhile I’ll go pamper myself.

Have a great night ppl????????

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