Easy homemade pudding recipe!!


This is something I ended up making at home a week back with all the ingredients available at home. It turned out amazing. It has layers of chocolate biscuit crust, custard, ice cream, brownie, fruit.

Cooking time 15 mints

Time to set 4 hours

Serves 6.

For the base-

50gms butter or margarine

50gms sugar

2 tbsp honey

2 tbsp milk

3tbsp drinking chocolate

1 tbsp cocoa powder

150 gms biscuits crushed (Marie or digestive)

50 gms chopped nuts (apricots and almonds)

Place the butter, sugar, honey and milk in a pan and heat gently. Add drinking chocolate, cocoa, biscuits and nuts and mix thoroughly.

Remove the mixture in the pudding bowl and press it properly. Put in the fridge to set. Let it set for an hour.

For the 2nd layer


I bought weikfield vanilla Custard available in the market for 35rs.

Followed the instructions on the back of the packet and used half a pack for making Custard.  If using half a pack then use half the quantity of ingredients given behind on the box to make it perfect.

Once the Custard is ready pour it on the base layer. Let it set for another 2 hours.

For 3rd layer.

Get chocolate walnut ready brownie. One big piece should b good (u can also use monginis chocolate sponge cake readily available in all the grocery stores) Crumble the brownie and make a layer of it over the Custard.

4th layer

Get vanilla ice cream. Make it bit soft for spreading it. Pour it over the brownie layer and let it set in the freezer for an hour.

5th layer

Chop some oranges peeled and deseeded and arrange it over the vanilla ice cream.

It’s ready to serve.

Tips- u can also use strawberries, or fresh cherries to top it up for amazing taste. Can also  crush some biscuits and sprinkle on top or get come chocolate chips to sprinkle or the colourful candy sticks for the attractive look.

It’s easy to make, but amazing to taste. U can make the same thing in small individual cups and set it if u r having guests over.

Try it and give your feedback. ????????

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