Bosch home appliances

Bosch is a leading supplier of technology and services and has come up with a very sleek and useful range of home appliances to make your life luxuriously comfortable. The products are beautiful to look at, excellent in quality and affordable. They will just pep up your kitchen in a way that you’ll want to enter it everyday.


A good fridge should contain plenty of fresh food and the best of Bosch technology. Bosch has refrigerators which are 5 times more spacious than what is available in the market with super sleek exteriors. Special Vita fresh technology keeps your fruits and vegetables fresh upto 2 times longer.



Bosch washing machines are tested 1000 times for quality. Front loading and top loading washing machines available with different different technology-

1. Vario drum technology is gentle on clothes but tough on dirt and protects the fine clothes from damage.

2. Active water plus- optimises water usage. A clever feature that adjusts the water level by sensing the amount of load & fabric type.

3. Anti vibration design – reduces vibrations during spin cycle.

4. Eco silence drive- it is quiet, powerful and durable. It ensures low power consumption and high cleaning efficiency.

5. AllergyPlus + ECARF- World’s 1st washing machine with ECARF (European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation) certified programme to reassure you of a perfectly hygienic wash and leaves no detergent residue on your clothes.



They have stand alone and built in dishwashers available. What I loved about it is that it makes your life so peaceful. Just remove the leftovers and put your dishes, bowls and even greasy pots and pans inside the dishwasher for a thorough wash in 1 hour. It uses optimum amount of water and its such a boon.


This comes with all the built in stuff like dishwasher, microwave, oven, fridge, hobs and hoods. Stove, induction, 2 to 6 burner range, steel hobs, induction hobs that dont heat the sides and many variety in chimneys. Its a brilliant range of products with so many options to choose from in your budget.



Consists of hand blenders and hand mixers to make your life in kitchen easier and cooking faster.

Im absolutely in love with everything available there. Give me a kitchen like that and I wouldnt mind becoming a chef. Check out their store for more.


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