Metamorphosis Clinic- 1 stop for skin, hair and obesity solutions.

December brings with it a party season, feeling of joy, and total festive mood. Lot of friends have started dieting to fit into that hot little dress for new years.  Lot of them are already booked for new years for a holiday or camping or just a grand party.  I’m sorted with everything, but we are so busy with finishing work, hitting deadlines and getting party ready that usually the skin and hair comes last minute. For some people even crash dieting begins 3 days prior to new years.  How bout getting ready with all that now, hassle free??


Metamorphosis comes as a boon in our fast paced social media life. They not all provide body spa, body polishing, facials, hair spas and various other regular stuff; they also hv lot of laser treatments, quick weight loss and much more. Having multiple outlets in a few cities, they are expanding at a fast pace. The services are great, place hygienic, staff friendly and value for money.

They have one of their treatments for obesity where with help of technology, they freeze your fat cells which are then flushed out of the body with the help of lots of water. You will notice loss of 2 3 inches after one session itself, they however recommend 5 sessions. Plus if you maintain the same current lifestyle even after treatment then you dont even put on those inches back ?. 3000 inr per session to lose those inches is a steal if you hate gym and are a foodie like me.

I however tried their body spa, hair spa and oxy facial.

1. Body Spa- cosy little room, playing soulful music for relaxation, comfortable spa bed. The 45 minutes of massage was an absolute bliss. It was relaxing. I fell asleep towards the end…it was that good!! It doesn’t cover face and hair.

Cost- INR 1500 pls taxes.


2. Oxy facial- this is a regular facial with oxygen infusion towards the end for a hydrated skin that glows from inside out.  Absolutely loved this one. Made my skin feel baby soft and the glow was definitely noticed by hubby. It took away all the tiredness shown on my face due to a hectic previous week.

Cost- INR 1500 pls taxes.


(My afterglow)

3. Hair spa- I’ve never really got this done before, but I absolutely loved the results. The hair pack was perfect for damage repair and the massage and the steam just made my hair soft and shiny. It was much needed after my recent beach holiday where my hair totally went for a toss.

Cost- INR 1500 pls taxes.


Totally recommend their services and it definitely doesn’t burn a hole in your pocket while you try looking your best self.  They cater to both the sexes. I visited their Bandra outlet, you can find the one nearest to you here-



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