The Grand Tasting

Viviana mall Thane, recently witnessed a Grand Tasting event by Living Liquidz which was an absolute treat to the people.

An event that saw brands like Paul John, Bira, Kingfisher, Moksh, Prestige wines, Signature, Ballantine, Grants, Fratelli and many other brands tasting to people. The 400 rs entry gave people coupons to taste 20 drinks, which was an absolute steal. As the evening passed the place was packed. The night got beautiful with Sanish Nair band drowning and mesmerising people in their music as the drinks poured and chatters increased. People cheered for the band while sipping on their favorite drinks.

Food counter by British Brewing Co ran out of food in 2 hours. Their finger foods were absolutely amazing and went perfect with the tasting.


It was an absolutely delightful evening which was followed by lot of alcohol purchase from the Living Liquidz store in the mall.

The store has this roulette machine which is an interesting addition. You enter your name and number and then spin the wheel, whatever number you get on the wheel, is the amount of discount you get on your purchase. For eg- I got number 12, so I got 12 percent off on my alcohol purchase ????. Love this little fun addition. Do check out the stores for the same.


Also if you feel you missed out on this event, they have one more of the same event coming up very soon. Stay tuned for the next venue and dates.

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  1. Shamik says:

    There you go… Another lovely post from Missbhukkad 🙂
    Enjoyed reading it… wish I could also be a part of this event 🙁
    Thank you for sharing your experience.

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