Beat the heat- With these 20 super foods for summer!

Scorching heat is here and as we get baked we all crave for cold foods; what we don’t understand is the difference between cold foods and foods with cooling properties. Listing down foods that you must must include in your daily diet to cool you down naturally.

1. Cucumber– everyone is aware of this- make it a point to include this in your meals As a salad, juice or raita for lunch. Slice it and place it on your eyes to soothe them too.

2. Curd- a milk product which is an absolute must in this season. Raita, chaas, or just by itself with fruits or plain is very cooling and it’s probiotic nature helps in better digestion.

3. Coriander leaves– has cooling soothing properties and is a must this season. Add a lot of it to your curries and daily cooking including salads. I even add it to my buttermilk.

4. Mint leaves- tasty, healthy, helps in digestion too and very cooling. Have it in raita, salads or make chutney out of it or even make mint and lime water and drink through out the day.

5. Black raisins- soak the black raisins in a glass of water overnight. Eat those puffed raisins in the morning and drink that water too. It’s very very cooling for your body.

6. Kokum/red berry- belongs to mangosteen family. People store them to use it as a coolant and refreshing drink in scorching summer heat. It can be used as thirst quencher throughout the year by adding to your bottle of water. Comes with lot of healing properties.

7. Gulkand/rose petals jam- Take one or two teaspoons of gulkand daily to reduce stomach heat and acidity. It is also an excellent skin tonic. It removes toxins from the body, purifies blood, and prevents various skin problems like blackheads, acne, pimples and rashes.

8. Sabja seeds/ basil seeds- are packed with nutrients and are excellent in summertime for drinks to reduce body heat. They are also good for weight loss, healthy skin, curing acidity and much more. Put them in water, once they puff up add them to milkshakes, falooda, or water based drinks for best results.

9. Cumin seeds- drinking jeera water cools the body and helps in weight loss. Add it in all the cooking, chaas, raitas or sprinkle some powder of it on fruits and have.

10. Watermelon- seasonal summer fruit has more than 90 percent water content hence keeps you hydrated. Also high in anti oxidants and is very cooling.

11. Musk melon- reduces body heat, relieves tiredness, enhances appetite and is an effective laxative.  Plus being high in vitamin a, b, c and potassium which regulates heart beat and prevents strokes.

12. Coconut water- a non expensive, easily available drink is the best to consume during summers. It contains electrolytes that could help replenish ions lost due to dehydration in summers.

13. Neera- a sweet drink extracted from palm trees is a natural coolant and perfect for scorching summers. You will see this being sold at lot of neera kendra stalls but have it early morning. In extreme heat this drink tends to ferment and become tadi ( alcoholic version of it).

14. Lime water- it’s refreshing, cooling and healthy. Have lots of it to stay hydrated.

15. Bael fruit-also known as wood apple has lot of medicinal properties. Fruit contains vitamins, tannins, calcium, phosphorus and fibre and lot of health benefits. You can eat this, or have this in form of drink which is tasty and it is one of the best coolant for summers. Also helps relieve acidity and is excellent for digestive system.

16. Aam panna- indian drink made from green mangoes is tasty and healthy beverage to fight against intense summer heat. Add mint leaves to it for taste and more cooling effect.

17. Amla/Indian gooseberry- eat it or have it in powder form regularly is said to have a cooling effect throughout the body and particularly benefits osteoporosis and arthritis. Its believed to lower body temperature to a great extent.

18. Onions- yes this has cooling properties too. Add it to your curries, salads, raitas or eat it raw with your meal. Onions help in protecting against sun stroke if added to daily diet.

19. Fennel seeds-this readily available spice is thought to be highly cooling for summer. Try chewing a teaspoon of fennel seeds before and after your next main meal. These cooling seeds also keep the breath fresh and promote good oral hygiene. U can also make cold drink out of it by adding water and rock sugar (which is also very cooling).

20. Rock sugar- It cools the body off by increasing perspiration and maintaining body temperature. Rock sugar candy or Mishri or khadishaker is crystallized sugar, packed with numerous health benefits. It exerts a soothing effect on the mind and body and relaxes you from stress. Very good to add to water based drinks to beat the summer heat.

The most important is have tons and tons of water to stay hydrated. Stay healthy and your radiant best this summer ❤





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