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So far I’ve been writing about all the food I was hogging and my trips etc. No one here knows that I’ve been working with various non profit organisations since past 12 years.

In this journey I constantly come across people mentioning that we should do our bit by helping the strata of the society which is actually striving to live with dignity and equality and are succeeding in it, the people with disability. These guys are really an inspiration for us and for society as a whole as despite fate dealing them a hugely challenging deal, they really want to get back on their feet, get their rightful place under the sun. All they need is a bit of help from our side. Fortunately there are organizations such as Shishu Sarothi ( which are working tirelessly for disabled people and there are people like Arman Ali who themselves are leading the fight. Lets help them.


I’ve worked for epileptic kids, cancer patients, hiv infected people, girl child education, old age people, advocacy programs, door step schools and much more. Now I’ve joined hands with SHISHU SAROTHI ORGANISATION. Established in 1987, Shishu Sarothi is a leading not-for-profit organisation working in the area of early intervention and rehabilitation, education, livelihoods, advocacy and awareness as well as protection of rights and legal aid for children and persons with disabilities in North East India.


There are kids who are badly treated or not given enough attention at their own house because the parents are not educated to understand the needs of a special child. The organisation started counselling unit to explain parents about the special needs of their child. These kids are gifted, they might not fit into normal classes and schools, they need extra attention but they can definitely be made independent. That’s what this organisation aims at.
Keeping this in mind the Shishu Sarothi launched scholarship to these kids in association with Bharti Infratel Limited. This scholarship helps students with disabilities for pursuing professional or technical education that will help them become employment ready and self reliant. They also have advocacy program for these children,
There is also a Disability Law Unit- North East which advocates for the rights of person with disabilities through advocacy and activism. It offers help in litigation, conducts sensitisation programs for all tiers of the public and advocates of policy changes so as to protect the rights of persons with disabilities enshrined in various laws of the land and ensures their assimilation in mainstream society.

Check out the video of the work they do-

The NGO is doing it’s best with all the available resources. They have helped change many a lives by now with their work. There are kids who have finished schooling under their guidance and also been employed. Where do we fit in?? Resources are there, volunteers are there, work is going on, but as they say there are no free lunches. Most of the things they might get free or at nominal prices but at the end of the day money is required to keep the work going. We all spend left right and centre on us and our families. Restaurants, gst and tips are something that we still pay then why not contribute a little to this cause??


Even our high end cell phones these days are for 50-70k and we don’t think twice before buying them, an amount like that will sponsor a child for 3 to 5 years at a stretch. Let’s take a step ahead and let’s donate. Whether a drop is big or small it still creates ripples. Let’s be that drop and bring a change towards a better India. You can also buy block printed books made by students of Shishu Sarothi through their website. Below mentioned are the links for the Organisation and for donation. Also attached is a video on the work of the organisation.




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  1. Kala Ravi says:

    You are absolutely right, we must do our bit for the society we live in. Giving back a little is the least we can do to improve the lives of those with disabilities. A wonderful way would be to join hands with Shishu Sarothi.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Totally. These people are doing some great work.

  2. beingamommy says:

    Shishu Sarothi is doing some great work and I pledge to help them in anyway I can. Checking out their website..right away.

  3. TheMomSagas says:

    There is an immense need of such organizations that work for the welfare of children with disability.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      So true. Thanks for showing your support.

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