Veggie uttapam for brekkie…in under 10 mints!!


This is a quick and healthy recipe which u can even pack and take with u to work… it’s colorful, tasty, nutritious and filling. I prefer making my own batter at home from scratch, but since its a lengthy process I’m just gonna share with u the recipe with the ready made batter you get in all stores. With ready made fermented batter it won’t take u more then 10 mints to make this dish.

Preparation time-5 mints

Cooking time 5 mints

1 peeled and grated carrot

1 cup boiled peas

2 cups ready uttapam batter

Chaat masala

Salt to taste


1 tsp chilli ginger paste

Add chilli ginger paste and salt to the batter and keep it aside

Saute the carrots in very little oil for a mint on the side

Now take a flat tawa and heat it

Sprinkle some water on the tawa and wipe it off.

Pour a ladle full of batter on the tawa once properly heated. Sprinkle some carrot on it and spread it to cover the surface scarcely and put some peas on top.

Put a spoonful of oil around the uttapam and once cooked on side flip it with a flat spoon to let the other side cook.

Once cooked, remove in a plate and sprinkle some chaat masala over it. Serve it with ketchup and u are ready to go.

Tips- you can use butter instead of oil for enhancing the taste. You can also use any veggies on top like capsicum, tomato, onions, potatoes, beetroot. Whatever u like instead of carrot and peas.


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      ???????? try making it!! 10 mints ????

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