So here’s the first one on travel… taking a short break!!

Hello lovelies, it’s my first post of travel. You’ve seen my love for food, I’m equally passionate about travelling. I love exploring new places. I feel there is so much in this world to see and do that let’s make the most of it by doing a place once, but doing it properly.

How many times it has happened that you hv 4 days of holidays back to back at work and nuin to do? Feel like getting out of the city and being at liesure? Or just want a break and want to go for a weekend getaway? Let’s face it, everytime that happens we all wanna go to some place of zen for 2-3 days, unwind and come back, but we can’t manage to decide where and plus being last minute and public holiday you know most of the places would be packed and difficult to get rooms in good hotels. Sometimes it’s also the budget which is a problem. In this blog I’m gonna share with you how I decide my weekend getaway.

1)CHECK THE UPCOMING PUBLIC HOLIDAYS FOR THE MONTH- at the beginning of the month I end up checking my calendar for any long weekends coming up. If there is one I start deciding which place to go for that weekend minimum 15-20 days in advance. Sometimes you might not hv a long weekend but you might want to just take a break, in any case I’ll start shortlisting a place.

2)DECIDE YOUR BUDGET- after all holiday is fun but you pay for it. You want to make sure you hv a budget in mind before listing down places to go to.

3)CHECK THE TIME ON HAND- once you decide on a budget, you wanna choose a place wisely based on number of days you have on hands to spare. If u got just 2 nights break you don’t want to travel too far by road and waste your time otherwise u’ll be drained by the end of it.

4)DONT ADD TOO MUCH TO YOUR ITINERARY- You want to enjoy your holiday, not be on a marathon.

5)CHOOSE WHAT ARE YOU IN THE MOOD OF- Some ppl want a weekend getaway to relax, some are interested in sports and activities, some enjoy camping, someone might be a beach person or some are interested in adventure OR trekking. Choose what interests you. Whatever you choose based on that select a destination close to you where you can drive down (its cheaper). Select a hotel in that place as per your budget. Check out things to do in that place apart from the activity of your choice. Check out good restaurants in that area suiting your needs. Once it’s all done, book well in advance

6)HOW I’D DO IT- I live in Mumbai. There are lot of places around Mumbai that fulfill most of the requirements. For eg. If I want a luxury holiday for 2 days I’d choose a place like fort jadhavgadh where I can book the room with all activities and spa and all meals included for 15000. It’s located on pune, it’s beautiful, sheer luxury and 2.5 hrs away from Mumbai by car.

If I’m looking at leisure around Mumbai and cheap but beautiful and serene, I hv places like Kashid, beach place, peaceful and serene OR Bhandardara which is very scenic, beautiful and peaceful. Both the locations are around 3-3.5 hrs away.

For camping I’d choose Vashind or Kolad which has big red tent. If I book thru them I get a package for 2, all inclusive for 5000.

For adventure Della @ Lonavala has lots to offer, or adlabs imagica on pune highway or river rafting at Kolad.

For refined taste, sula vineyards @ nasik is fun.

Or there is Lonavala, madh island, mahabaleshwar, panchgani around.

Once I select the place, I check the best hotels on google and then compare their prices on different sites like makemytrip  or tripadvisor or trivago. Then book with the one offering the best price for the same hotel. Once all that is done. Stay tension free for till the weekend. Pack light and go enjoy for 2 days hassle free.

Tips- Book hotels in the market area or centre of the city so everything u need is close by. ALSO check cab services in the area and it’s costing if not going by your own car.

Tell me if you find this article helpful. Put your comments below. Thanks for taking out the time to read it ☺

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  1. Josh says:

    This will be helpful for those who plan the trip.. commendable effort. Thanks for my case its always unplanned adventures ????

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Unplanned ones are actually the best ones!! Thank you for the appreciation????????

    1. I agree unplanned trips are always treasured in your memories…

      1. missbhukkad says:

        True that!! They r the most fun ones ????????

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