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Happy sunday ppl!! So all of you who are following me have seen me put up some gorgeous food pics from known restaurants; but today i bring to u the story of the unsung heroes. Those small stall owners who usually go unrecognized but who actually feed more hungry mouths and are dirt cheap places, offering finger licking good food!! Check out some amazing cheap Mumbai food from tiny stalls with happy customers!!

1) Tewari Bros. sweet shop

This place has many branches in Mumbai and apart from sweets ud love their samosas, sandwich khaman, lassi, chaats and my most favourite gatte nu shaak with masala paratha and mutter puri with dum aloo.


Sandwich khaman dhokla with chutney and paneer in the center served with spicy and sweet chutney. It’s moist and super tasty.


That is gatte ka sag and masala paratha served with super tasty pudina chutney and delicious chillies with masala stuffing on the side. It’s super yum and very filling.


These are super healthy moong dal chilla with masala and coriander leaves with little paneer put in the center and served with sweet and spicy chutneys.

This place has all things made in pure ghee and it’s all jain preparations. The cost is just 200 for 2 ppl and it’s super filling.

2) The VJ café

It’s a small shop tucked away on NS Road no 2 juhu. This place was right opposite to my house and I used to see a lot of crowd of college students all the time. It’s been a year to this small joint but it’s always packed. Finally tried it and it has some most amazing fries with super yum sauces. They also serve wraps, burgers and some of the tastiest milkshakes. It’s most famous for its delicious fries though. I’ve tried all variations of their fries and potato wedges and also tasted their caramel milkshake; one of the best in Mumbai. A must try for ppl who dont diet!!

1st is barbecue cheese fries, it’s a paper cone filled with fries and drizzled with barbecue sauce and yummy cheese sauce.

2nd is chipotle cheese fries with cheese sauce and chipotle sauce.


These are tandoori chilli wedges. They are super tasty potato wedges which are marinated with spices and fried and served with chilli sauce and tandoori sauce which is damn yum!!

Triple chocolate mousse…I’ve had it in a lot of good places. This was just equally creamy and tasty.

This place has all the dishes priced around 100-130 but so filling.

3) Trendy tasty

This is a shop in Irla, Parle west. It is hugely populated by shoppers for all kinda food materials sold inside the shop but this place is equally flocked by people on the outside for the delicious food stalls. From dabelis to sandwiches, rolls, chaats and now keeping in trend with the taste they also sell potato tornado.


Potato tornado- it’s potato on a stick, fried, dusted with spices and then a line of sauce. They hv 4 varieties to choose on ur stick-cheese, peri peri, honey mustard or plain. In this pic u see peri peri and honey mustard.  Super delicious.

They are sold for 70 bucks at irla and not so filling, but u end up spending 150 rs and choose from multiple options and ull be done.

4) Sharma chaat bhandar

Located in Juhu. This used to be a small stall outside options which has now got converted into a tiny one gala shop selling all kinds of tastiest chaats. Love everything here.

40 rs per plate. Eat to ur hearts content.

5) Siddhivinayak Dosa

It’s a small stall on the main road outside options in juhu. Next to this there is a sandwich guy and ice gojash, as well as coconut water too. The dosa of this place are mouth watering. They are crisp, delicious and lots of varieties to choose from.


Jinny dosa- it’s most famous these days amongst youngsters. It’s mildly spicy with mashed veggies in the centre with cheese and served like small rolls. Love them.

Avg price 100-150 for a person.

6) The coffee shop

It’s a place opened up in Boisar. It serves lot of café food with their one speciality known as puri pizza. It’s pani puri puris stuffed with pizza sauce and garnished with cheese and baked. Its served with oregano and chilli flakes on the side.


They serve 15 such pieces for 250 rs. It’s filling and super delicious.

7) Breadkraft hot rolls

This is my ultra favourite place in Mumbai for rolls. If u are a frankie lover and love spicy tasty stuff try these rolls sold in a small shop in lokhandwala market. The best part about this place they have seperate counters for veg and non veg. For vegetarians like me it’s perfect. They have more than 30 varieties in veg frankie as well non veg.


These are most filling rolls I’ve had in Mumbai. It’s a maida roti on which they apply a layer of schezwan sauce put stuffing of ur choice then sprinkle it with onions, vinegar and their special masala and cheese (loads of it). It’s delicious.

Price 70-120 rs.

8) Jacky chaat centre

It’s a small laari standing at the corner of road no 5 juhu. It again offers some super delicious chaats for chaat lovers like me.


Sev puri- layer of small fried puris loaded with mashed potato, onions, tamarind chutney, garlic chutney, pudina chutney, chaat masala, lime juice and topped with sev and served.

Price 40 rs per plate.

These are few of the places I just recently revisited. Street food is fun. If had at the right places it’s safe too. Try these!!

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  1. mahekg says:

    I want the Ginni Dosa…its yum.. Tiwari Chole Bhature its traditional flavour which you can enjoy, My mom loves the bhatura. I dont know if Tiwari still serves the Tawa Pulav and Pav Bhaji. Breadkraft I like to.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Ohh lovely…uve tried quite a few of these. Yes Tewari Cholle bhatura is awesome too..I love everything at Tewari n yes they do serve the pav bhaji and tawa pulao. In fact I am a person who loves my food with onion and garlic and I can never imagine a pavbhaji without those 2. Surprisingly this place has it jain style and yet so tasty that I loved it!

      1. mahekg says:

        I havent tried those variations. Actually stay close by so Tiwari has been a regular. Happy to find some new places

        1. missbhukkad says:

          U stay close to which Tewari? U live in juhu?

          1. mahekg says:

            Near Rustomjee mum place 🙂

          2. missbhukkad says:

            That’s juhu circle right? Very close by from my place…nice to know ????????

    1. missbhukkad says:

      Hahaha….I just went n hogged on some more of rolls right now ????????

      1. Loll you lucky girl…enjoy!!

  2. I had no idea about wordpress.I am surprised to see stuff of you all guys Its really amazing.Here hunger of stomatch is also fulfilled as well as of poetry and all .

    1. missbhukkad says:

      So true….there r some really talented ppl on wordpress…ull be welcomed with open arms here

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