Recipe-Turnip beetroot soup


Here is another one of my health potion. Its deliciously rich with the goodness of vegetables. Simple to make and quick and super healthy. It’s my own creation….tell me if u like it ????

Cooking time 15-20 mints

1 medium sized onion peeled n cut in big pieces,
1 beetroot peeled n cut in big pieces,
1 small potato peeled n diced big,
1 big carrot peeled n cut,                     1 turnip peeled n cut in big pieces.
5-6 cloves of garlic                                     salt and pepper as per taste
Put all the veges together in a pressure cooker n cook on medium flame till 4 whistles.

Then take it off the stove blend the boiled veges n then pass it thru a sieve so it’s clear thick liquid.

Add salt n pepper as per taste. N add little water if it’s too thick n let it simmer for 5 mints.

Your soup is ready to serve.

Tip- u can serve this with croutons, or make a bowl of salad on the side or have a barbecue on the side!

Enjoy and leave your comments below ????

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