So yesterday evening I visited this beautiful, grand and posh cafe known as Vision Cafe, located in the prime location @Prabhadevi opp Mercedes autobahn hangar for a private tasting. It is a newly opened place launched on 1st October 2016. While on the way for the tasting I had a picture in my mind of a normal cafeteria, but when I reached this place the sheer appearance and grandness of the place from outside itself blew me away ?



It was clear it wasn’t just another café. I can say Prabhadevi finally has one of the finest café in town to just hang out or even go for dinners or spend a romantic evening with that someone special. It’s beautiful and it’s definitely worth a visit. Its open from 10 am to 11 pm and has something for everyone- Wi-Fi for all of you who love staying connected with the world all the time; books for all you bookworms out there; delicious food for people like me and ambience of a 5 star with some real toothsome coffees and milkshakes.

When we entered there was a counter towards our left which showcased some beautiful pastries and the man standing behind it wore a big smile to welcome customers?



Opp to the entrance few steps inside was a small door that led to the kitchen and towards right of the entrance was the entire seating area. I was warmly greeted by chef Aryan Sharma and I was shown to my seat.

The place is divided into 3 zones-love, peace and knowledge (the food counter area). I was seated in the peace zone which had a wall behind, that showed a map representing all the countries vision cafe is already existent in.



It also had a small board with post it notes on one side where ppl could leave messages behind.



Then there is love zone with its love seats or couple seating arrangement in the centre of the café.



The plush seating, beautiful quotes, the beautiful decor and ambience completely set the mood for a good evening.

These books are kept for people who enjoy reading and coffee with cute little bonsai plants enhancing the show of the place.

After taking in the elegance and talking to the chef I was told that the order has to be placed at the counter and then be seated. The counter had a beautiful medley of muffins, cheesecakes and pastries going on!

I took a look at the menu to place the order. It’s a basic menu with limited dishes apt for a café.

I tried hazelnut flavoured hot chocolate which came in a short glass and had lot of froth and tasted delicious



Next we called for a cappuccino which was the same as everywhere but with a cute, bite sized, delicious tea cake on the side and some beautiful quotes on the saucer and in the cup.

After this I tried their chocolate milkshake with icecream which was absolutely delicious. After all, that combination can not go wrong.


After all these drinks I got onto salad tasting. I called for Tandoori salad veg. It came with lot of lettuce, tomatoes and carrots tossed in a tangy mayo dressing with grilled marinated mushrooms on top. It was delicious.

I couldn’t wait anymore to try the pastas so moved on to those. Wanted to try all 3 different versions of sauces so first called for a creamy sauce pasta (commonly known as white sauce pasta). It wasn’t as creamy or cheesy as expected and since i prefer my pasta saucy these felt dry to me, but when I told this to the chef he was kind enuf to heat them again and make them saucy. They tasted yummy after that.



Next I tried the basil pesto pasta. The presentation was excellent but when it comes to the taste they were ok. They were too dry. I wouldn’t recommend them.



I kept the best for the last and tried my fav red sauce or in this case neopolitana pasta which is tomato sauce with garlic and herbs and sprinkled with parmesan. They tasted delicious. They were saucy, made to perfection with mushrooms and basil and were served piping hot. If u r a pasta fan try these…they were the best of the lot.


After all the pasta tasting v moved on to our next round of tasting which were sandwiches. The first one I called for an all time fav- mozzarella cheese sandwich. It was served beautifully with a salad on the side which had the perfect amount of lemon based dressing to make it taste refreshingly good. The sandwich was crispy on the outside and cheesyliciously goey on the inside. Was a delight to have it. If u are a cheese fan it’s a must have.


Next tried a customised sandwich made by the chef which I would say was the best. It was crunchy on the outside and was filled with mozzarella, mushrooms and chef special sauce which made it taste amazing.



My companion called for a non veg sandwich to try since I am a vegetarian and I wouldn’t.  He called for chicken grilled sandwich which came with bechemal sauce on the side to pour in the sandwich and the same fresh salad that I was given on the side with my sandwich. The chef also provided sweet chilli and a special sauce on the side to dip it in for  enhancing the flavours. Trust me that looked like the best sandwich of the evening. When he took a bite of it, the crunch of the sandwich made me drool over it and the combination of all the sauces were a delight to the eyes. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the sandwich was loaded with mozzarella. He absolutely loved it and he is a big time foodie and a globe trotter himself so would definitely go by his words. If u r a non veg lover then I’d say don’t miss out on this sandwich?


After all this, had to cleanse the palate before trying anymore food, so called for a pinacolada. It was delicious and cold and perfect after all that cheesy food.



Finally it was time to satiate the sweet tooth.  First thing in the list was a chocolate cupcake. It was chocolicious and an absolute delight to look at. Tasted great too but it was a bit hard. It’d taste perfect after 5-10 seconds in the microwave.

Next I called for a blueberry muffin with icecream. It was toothsome. The muffin was moist and warm and the ice cream was a perfect combo to make ur senses swirl.



Next on the list was a Newyork cheesecake which was delightful. It was the best dessert of the night. I would say definitely have this if you are a cheesecake fan.


After being so happy with this cheesecake we got more greedy for another cheesecake and I called for blueberry cheesecake. Just like Newyork cheesecake even this was equally delectable. It was fluffy and tasted like marshmallows ? I loved every bite of it ?



Looks drool worthy isn’t it???

The last on the list was an all time favorite Nutella and whipped cream waffles ? the name itself gives me a high. It was served warm with Nutella applied over the freshly made waffle and served with whipped cream. The presentation was beautiful. The taste couldn’t go wrong with the richness of Nutella and whipped cream.



I ended the tasting with this. I must say I spent quite a lot of time at this place yest and I loved it. The crowd that was entering was creme de la creme. The staff was very humble and friendly to everyone. The place is spotlessly clean. I would personally love to thank chef Aryan Sharma for the wonderful food and hospitality and Abhilash (the guy who served us) for his enthusiasm and friendliness.

I bet if u go once you will go back for more!! Try it out!

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  2. Seems like a great place! Very well written and expressed! Loved it ???

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