Review-PDT-Please Dont Tell!!


Happened to visit this place on a sunday night for review. PDT is located in Kamala Mills, lower parel, amongst the likes of Play lounge and Grandmama’s cafe. This place definitely manages to stand out coz of its quirky wall art and very unique phone booth entrance. To enter this place you first enter the phone booth, pick up the antique phone and dial 5, they ask you for a password which you are given at the time of reservation, you give that password and you enter. Its like a little jigsaw puzzle.

We entered the place, and noticed the rustic yet beautiful inside seating which is full of quirky wall art, and a big screen in front of us which was screening football that night, with a beautiful bar right in front of us having some best collection to boast of and nice quotes put up in places. They also have an outside seating for people who like to smoke while chilling, with some hammock kinda swings thrown in too.

The music playing was amazing, and there were people cheering watching football. We got seated at the bar and started with our drinks first.

  1. Devils double- tequila, black currant liqueur, ginger, lime juice and soda- definitely a like!! 20161211_213028
  2. Esoterica-vodka, peach schnapps, orange and cranberry juice- this one was presented in a very unique way and was very good in taste. 20161211_213038
  3. Mary the lamb murderer- this one is our classic bloody mary with a twist of wasabi foam on top- This one has been an all time fav and loved the twist. 20161211_215920
  4. The red headed pimp- Decided to try a shot and this one with Jagermeister, triple sec and cranberry not only sounded awesome but tasted so too. 20161211_221135
  5. Martini- So we told our bartender Sandy to get us a martini- he is like let me get you something unique, and he got us cranberry mixed with all the alcohols below-

It was excellent.

6. This one was Sandy special again- it was a combo of lemon, honey, jim beam, premium cacao liqueur, pineapple and this was given a special effect by liquid nitrogen and dry ice. The taste? I loved this one so much that i ended up calling for a second round of the same.


While we got talking to Sandy we found out that this place actually conducts Black label society parties- which are for black label fans and they create fancy cocktails out of BL. He made 2 of them for us and we absolutely loved them-

7. BL, benedictine, cinnamon syrup and lemon, served with a cinnamon stick


8. Hobbs, jaeger, BL, lime, honey and whiskey sour- too good.


After the most amazing cocktails and some dancing, we finally got on with food. Before i mention what i ate i must say, everything that i called for was excellent.

  1. Feta off without you- This was homemade smoked tomato mixture, with crusty garlic bread and creamy feta- u can call it a bruschetta. This had a very fresh taste, and creamy, loved it!! 20161211_214815The plates they use to serve add up to the rustic theme. 20161211_214947
  2. Millionaire potato- these are the best jacket potatoes i had with truffle oil and cheese- all 3 things im a big fan of, served with sour cream. These are a must have. 20161211_220056
  3. Prawn star- bacon wrapped prawn, served with delicious cranberry mayo and salad (lettuce, parsley, walnut, burnt garlic and butter), this one was the star dish of the night. Must try!!20161211_22035420161211_220410
  4. Good girl special salad- only order if you are a quinoa fan like me- it has quinoa grains, pomegranate, spinach, caramelised apricot and mascarpone. This came with a tangy dressing on the side and i absolutely loved it. 20161211_215731
  5. Smoke the evidence-veg burger- This was a smoked vegetable burger served with melted cheddar and fries- was delicious.20161211_222901
  6. Tokyo disco killer- non veg hot dog- house made teriyaki marinated chicken sausage, served with sriracha mayo, fries and slaw- juicy, and simply awesome.20161211_223302
  7. Pastatute- My all time fav penne pasta- with a duet of pesto and tomato sauce with courgette and cherry tomatoes. I loved these. This had a strong basil flavor and garlic, but i loved the taste. Were saucy just the way i like. 20161211_235141
  8. Risotto- sunblushed knight- this was a risotto of sunblushed tomato and mascarpone. I really liked the whole combo though my partner wasnt very happy with it. A little more creamy and i guess it would be perfect. 20161212_000715
  9. Secret baked cheesecake- This was served warm with strawberry compote and was oh so delicious. I couldnt stop at one bite. One of the best cheesecakes. 20161212_001919

We danced a little more before leaving the place. The food is excellent, so are the cocktails and so is the music. A bill for 2 should come somewhere around 2000, but you are bound to have a great time. Absolutely loved the ambience, friendliness of the staff and hospitality. What a night it was!! Try it to know it 😉

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