Review- Delhi Highway!


This beautiful restaurant located at Times square in Saki naka actually reminds you of the Mughal era with its architecture and decor. Its royally grand. The place has its own charm with the ambience and hospitality. It will give you a royal dining experience with the cutlery used to the food served and the quantity. Its featured in terrific thalis in Mumbai.

Check out the beautiful colors, walls, ceiling and carvings made to perfectly sync in with the Mughal theme of the place.

When it comes down to the food they specialize in thali, but they also have fusion food being served here.

Check out all that we ate and drank here-

  1. The virgin mojito- more like lemonade with mint, very refreshing. img-20161215-wa0053
  2. Tomato Basil shorba- The flavour of basil was strong in this one, but yet i quite enjoyed it with a little pepper.  20161216_150023
  3. Masala papad- This place serves masala papad complimentary to all their customers. Best part, these masala papad are rolled papad cones filled with onion tomato masala, for a non fussy eat and topped with pesto for extra flavor; beautifully served in a jewellery box with individual shot glass holding each cone up.

    4. Dahi bhalla chaat- this was dahi wada with papdi and lot of fruits with a punch from the spice of green chutney. Was good but a little more on the sweeter side. 20161216_123629

    5. Gol gappa shots- the presentation of this one was very appealing, when it comes to taste, the mint water was very refreshing but the filling missed the potatoes and the sweet tamarind chutney was missing which made the taste feel incomplete. img-20161215-wa0055

    6. Charcoal Mushrooms- these were the best of the night with a delicious cheese and bell pepper stuffing and grilled to perfection with a smokey flavor, served with mustard sauce. Absolutely loved them.

    7. Quesadillas- These were again very delicious quesadillas stuffed with cheese, bell pepper and re-fried beans served with salsa and cheese sauce. Look at how beautifully they were presented.

    8. Naram dil kebabs- These were delicious and soft, made with paneer, cheese, green peas, rolled in cornflakes and fried to perfection. Giving it a crusty exterior and a melt in the mouth soft interior. img-20161215-wa0060

    9. Broccoli and pesto kebabs- these were just like hara bhara kebab, having a mixture of green peas, broccoli and french beans, fried with breadcrumb coating and served with pesto which just replaced the simple chutney. img-20161215-wa003710. Kadai pasta- This is the first time ever i saw pasta served with garlic kulcha. These pastas are made with lot of Indian spices, giving it a very curry kinda taste. Surprisingly it tasted good.  img-20161215-wa003411. Thaali- now came the grand thali loaded with- Paneer masala, corn palak, methi mutter malai, pindi channa, dal makhani, raita, ghee rice, paneer kulcha, crispy jalebi, saffron flavored kheer etc. It was lip smacking. With melt in the mouth soft paneer, to crispy jalebis and absolutely delicious and creamy dal makhani. The only thing missed was rabdi with jalebi.img-20161215-wa0022

Delicious isnt it? Ps. this place doesnt serve non veg. and doesnt serve alcohol either. So lot of ppl might get misled by the name Delhi Highway expecting these 2 things which arent on the menu. Food isnt exactly having the authentic Delhi taste but its good food. Try it to know it. Dont think Delhi and you’ll be happy.

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  1. Rajiv says:

    This is definitely not Delhi food!

    1. missbhukkad says:

      That’s exactly what I’ve mentioned..don’t think Delhi when u go here….the name is misleading…. but the taste is good..

      1. Rajiv says:

        I am sure. The food looked good.

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