Review- Farzi cafe!!

Another of Kalra ventures reviewed and what food ????????. Massive restaurants is seriously setting the pace for modern indian cuisine in an unexpected way. From ambience to food to cocktails to desserts its all bound to satisfy the soul.


Farzi cafe unlike the name suggests is not a cafe. It serves modern Indian cuisine which will make your eyes go wide and your appetite soaring high! This review night happened to coincide on my birthday and I had one of the best birthday dinner date with hubby ????

We started with their amuse bouche which was mishti doi spheres with strawberry crush. Totally appetizing


We called for our drinks next-

1. Bubbling liit with absinthe n dry ice- beautifully presented and super strong thanks to a dash of absinthe. One glass is enuf to give a buzz.

2. Farzi apple foamtini- thier highest selling cocktail and a must try here. On the sweeter side presented in a fish bowl.

Next came some starters-

1.Goat cheese and walnut tikki with basil chutney spheres- these were superb.

2.Dal moth chaat – green apple, pomegranate, lentil fritters soaked in buttermilk with mint chutney and sooth (dried ginger) chutney, potato salli. This was really tasty twist to regular chats.


3.Chill fritters with Philadelphia cheese served with banana chips deep fried with gun powder and pull ingi chutney (tamarind ginger and honey). Absolutely loved these.


Now we went for anothet round of cocktails-

1. Farzi idea – vodka pineapple orange absinthe. This was presented in a light bulb shaped glass. Looks like a small portion but super strong and yum.


2. Farzi ria- passion fruit white wine chardonnay fresh fruits muddled orange watermelon pineapple. Being a sangria lover I had to love this one.


4. Next came the deliciously good Pindi chana hotdog japanese mayo and mayo caviar. I am a mayo hater but I devoured every bite of this hot dog.


5.Upma curry mozzarella cheese bites, chips and puly inji dip- ever thot of upma fritters? Well try this dish.


6.Dal chawal arancini balls- base tomato salsa, crumbs achari mayo green chutney- this is fried balls of simple dal chawal. A must try out here.


Now came the Palate cleanser- hung curd and hajmola flavoured with chat masala. Just perfect.


There wasnt any place for mains and yet we tried this- Wok tossed veggies  with white jhali (net) made of egg white and mustard seeds and tamarind salsa served with dhaniya kulcha. It was amazing. Soft veggies, flavorful gravy and perfect crunch to the dish.


Now was the turn to satiate my sweet tooth. Somehow for desserts I always hv enuf room in my tummy. We tried-

1. Ghevar malai tart with saffron aire- blueberry compote, California grapes dragon fruit kiwi. One of the best desserts. The ghevar was crisp and perfect. My husband licked every morsel of this off the plate after being too full to not even want to taste it.


2. Parle G cheese cake- one of their signature dessert and absolutely delicious cheesecake served in a pool of rabdi.


This delicious meal was a grand close for my birthday. This place is absolutely worth a visit and is absolutely value for money. The experience here will stay etched in your memory.

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  1. neha98blog says:

    Every dish looks amazing.How are you?Hope you are good di.lots of love to you.

    1. missbhukkad says:

      The food is awesome here…u come to Mumbai vll go….im awesome dear…how r u? How is studies?

      1. neha98blog says:

        If i had only wings,i would fly to Mumbai to taste these amazing dishes.I am good and studies are also going good.Thanks for asking di.

          1. neha98blog says:

            I am so touched.Nevertheless i misses you even more di.

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