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Recently Foodfood conducted a salad making masterclass by Chef Anupa Das in association with Socials. This was conducted at Todi mill socials, where Chef Anupa made 3 yummy salads with few tips on salad making.


1.Rainbow salad- also known as salad on the go. As per the name this one was definitely colorful and beautiful to look at. Taste wise it was even better. It consisted of red quinoa (fiber to keep u full), cherry tomatoes, boiled channa (chick peas), cucumber, radish and pink cabbage. All these veggies were layered in a bottle and kept to carry with u whenver u go out so that instead of eating junk food you have healthy option to dig in.
Dressing in a bottle-to go with this salad. Mustard powder, honey, pepper, salt, olive oil were put together in a bottle and the bottle closed. Then shake shake shake.


Carry ur salad n dressing separate, when u want to eat mix the 2 and enjoy.

2.Edmame corn salad- blanch the edmame and remove the seeds. Add boiled corn, red pepper, green pepper, soaked raisins and onions to it. All veggies should be chopped in the same size so as to hv a balanced flavour of them all.

Dressing- this was a fruity one. Balsamic reduction is vinegar reduced with sugar. Similarly canned cranberry juice when reduced (already has sugar) gets a glaze. This dressing uses cranberry reduction, apple cider, salt, olive oil. Shake shake. Add lettuce to the salad by getting rid of excess water. Now top it with salad dressing- even burnt garlic goes really well with it.


Tip-Put lettuce in ice water for it to go nice and crunchy.

3. Made by the chef from socials and chef Anupa together- this was a twist to the waldorf salad. Green Apple, red apple, walnuts were replaced with peanuts, iceberg, microgreens (mustard, sunflower- the first shoots of these plants are microgreens; very nutritious), mint were put in a bowl; greens r delicate so soak n use it on top.

Dressing- mayo, yoghurt, honey, salt, -mayo gets too heavy, adding yoghurt makes it light or u can cut the mayo and just use hung curd. Mix it like batter. Add dressing and squeeze some lime.


These salads were really tasty and are very easy to carry around when out all day!! Happy eating. Go green ???? If u like then do leave the comments.

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  1. anaghamurali says:

    yummy…looks tasty

    1. missbhukkad says:

      They tasted really good

  2. neha98blog says:

    I must try some of this.

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