Femme Foodies by Living Foodz

For all the foodies out there, get ready for a culinary adventure like never before. Living Foodz, India’s leading food and lifestyle channel introduces Asia’s first food truck reality TV show- Femme Foodies starting 22nd may 8pm onwards in living foodz. The show explores an original and never seen before format. This show breaks stereotypes.

Summers get hotter with the hot contestants in the hot fav destination of youngsters. Set in the picturesque locales in His, the show will see a bevy of 10 contestants armed with culinary skills and panache, compete for the ultimate grand prize- a premium, state of the art food truck. Femme foodies is set to elevate and redefine the food popularly associated with food trucks. The contestants will be seen competing in challenges and cook offs and will be judged by Celebrity Chef Ranveer Brar. Restaurant chain Sodabottleopenerwala’s Chef Manager, Anahita Dhondy and renowned food and wine consultant Chef Shagun Mehra will join Chef Ranveer on the judges panel for the first time on Living Foodz. They will evaluate the contestants on the parameters of vision, expression and technique.

I was a part of the media and blogger meet for the preview of the show where we got to taste some delectable food curated by chef Ranveer and also happened to witness a salad created by the judges and a cook off between the contestants. Some of the pics from the preview-


The judges and their creation-

The contestants and the cook off

More food-

A one on one with the chefs- discussing the idea behind the show, the challenges faced, the location, their experience. Tune in to Living Foodz at 8pm Monday onwards to watch the mystery unfold.


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